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Major supermarket chain Morrisons has started to stock a new single-use vape product that has been shown in independent tests to be 99% plus recyclable and recoverable.

ANDS, a trademark owner of alternative nicotine delivery systems, has teamed up with leading vape distributor Phoenix 2 Retail to deliver its SLIX products to Morrisons stores.

Morrisons, will stock SLIX in some 1,500 Morrisons Daily stores and supermarkets around the UK. The food retailer made the decision to stock SLIX as it fits with the company’s sustainability strategy.

SLIX was developed as part of ANDS’ efforts to provide adult smokers with viable alternatives to combustible tobacco while seeking to reduce the impact on the environment of its products.  SLIX construction boasts an outer casing made entirely of 100% recyclable high-grade cardboard, with a degradable silicone mouthpiece and end piece.

SLIX has been independently tested by specialist vape waste firm Waste Experts, a wholly owned subsidiary of the electrical wholesaler City Electrical Factors (CEF).

In tests by Waste Experts, the product was found to be 99.29% recyclable and recoverable. Its light, simple construction also makes it 25% lighter and significantly less complex than the leading brand.  Slix also creates 70% less waste by weight compared to the same leading brand.

The product scored highly in terms of waste processing time, taking 57% less time to dismantle than the leading brand in the UK. The simplicity of design means it takes seconds to deconstruct and the time saved is vital to supporting cost efficiencies in the waste management of single-use vapes.

Fadi Maayta, Founder of ANDS, which recently opened new European headquarters in London following its success in Middle East markets, said: “We are extremely proud that a leading supermarket, such as Morrisons, which attaches great importance to its impact on the environment, has chosen our new SLIX brand to be part of their vape product range. We look forward to making the partnership a resounding success.”

“By the end of this year we hope to launch a 100% recyclable and recoverable version of SLIX, which will reduce the tonnage of plastic going to landfill even further.”

ANDS is also partnering with Waste Experts to create a recycling programme that simplifies the process of collection and recycling.

The product comes in eight flavours including blue raspberry lemon, cream tobacco, grape, kiwi passion fruit guava, mint, pink lemon, sour raspberry and watermelon.

Retailers wishing to stock SLIX can express their interest at

components and the recycling options available for each material.

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