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Award winning ‘field to fork’ brand offer another convenient and energy efficient method of cooking to consumers

Award-winning, ‘field to fork’ brand Mash Direct ( has introduced air fryer cooking instructions to the packaging of some of its most popular products.

The new instructions will make the range, which is already designed to make cooking and preparing vegetable sides hassle free, even easier to prepare for consumers.

From week commencing 12th June the new Mash Direct cooking instructions will be on packs sold in leading supermarkets and convenience stores including Morrisons, Amazon Fresh, Spar and Londis. The Mash Direct Sweet Potato Fries, Beer Battered Chips, Beer Battered Onion Rings, Roast Potatoes, Skinny Fries, Peri Peri Fries, Crispy Veg Bakes, Salt & Chilli Wedges, Potato Rosti and Southern Fried Potatoes will all be available to purchase with new air fryer cooking instructions on pack.

The new cooking instructions have been introduced following continuous growth in popularity of air fryers amongst consumers. Sales statistics indicate that demand for air fryers has increased by over 2,000% since 2021[1], particularly due to their energy efficient properties amidst the cost of living crisis. The Mash Direct brand’s venture into this market highlights its ability and desire to meet consumer demand while considering consumer concerns such as rising costs. While meeting its customers needs in terms of convenience and energy and cost efficiency, the new cooking method will not compromise the brand’s unrivalled freshness or flavour and the true taste and texture of home-made will be maintained.

Jack Hamilton, Chief Executive Office at Mash Direct comments: “We are extremely excited to be able to offer our customers a new and convenient way to cook and enjoy our products. The new cooking instructions will make our products accessible for even more consumers and we hope this new addition to the range will help us continue to grow our brand and bring healthy, convenient ready-to-eat vegetable accompaniments to many more tables.” 

Mash Direct is headed by the Hamilton family team: husband and wife Martin and Tracy and their sons, Lance and Jack. The farm is located in the green fields of County Down, close to the shores of Strangford Lough in Northern Ireland, and the family is proud to select older heritage varieties of vegetables for their products, chosen specifically for their flavour rather than appearance.

All Mash Direct products are prepared immediately after harvesting. This ensures an unrivalled freshness of flavour and retains the natural texture and nutritional benefits of the ingredients. The full range is low in saturated fat, 100% gluten-free and free from artificial flavourings and colourings. 

The Mash Direct Family Story:

Mash Direct is an independent company started by Martin and Tracy Hamilton at their family-run farm in Comber, in 2004. The Hamilton’s began farming the fields around Strangford Lough back in the 1800s and the land has been passed down through six generations, bringing with it a wealth of understanding and knowledge of the area and growing conditions.

After successfully growing and selling vegetables for 25 years, Martin, who is a fifth-generation son of the soil, and Tracy decided to embark on a new direction for their farm, with the aim of combining the tastes of yesterday with modern convenience and innovation.

Today, Mash Direct is a family affair with Martin, Tracy and both of their sons, Lance and Jack all helping Mash Direct on its journey to become a national, household name. From the initial dream of making traditional ‘Ulster’ Champ for convenience in 2004, the Hamilton family has grown Mash Direct into a National household brand, employing 217 people.

The Hamilton family developed a small factory on their farm to capture a traditional cooking style, specially designing and building a number of pieces of equipment including a unique masher and steam cooker. The bespoke equipment ensures that the vegetables can be steamed gently to retain optimum nutrients and capture the fresh harvested flavour and texture.

Mash Direct is also committed to environmental management and assists in restoring farmland and biodiversity to improve the quality of water, air and soil. All packaging is 100% recyclable ensuring that Mash Direct has improved its environmental footprint.


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