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Mars Petcare is working towards its ongoing mission to make a better world for pets with the launch of new Crave Meaty Rolls, the first product from the manufacturer which will carry a safe texture endorsement from the European Veterinary Dental Society (EVDS).

Mars Petcare is expanding Crave’s care and treats range with the launch of Meaty Rolls, available in two premium flavours – Chicken and Beef. The packs will not only call out the products’ natural credentials but will also feature a category endorsement from the European Veterinary Dental Society (EVDS). 

Crafted with layers of protein and made without grains, artificial colours or flavours, Crave Meaty Rolls will help retailers cater to those consumers looking to offer their dogs an irresistible, high protein treat. The high-quality ingredients Crave is famed for across the brand is a key reason why consumers continue to purchase from the portfolio[1], with the latest addition set to offer even more choice. A new ‘tough yet safe texture’ tagline will appear across Crave Meaty Rolls, alongside the EVDS endorsement, helping to educate pet owners on the suitability and safety of treats and chews.

Pioneering research[2], led by the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine and commissioned by Mars Petcare, confirmed that a dog’s jaws are easily powerful enough to break their teeth if they are allowed to chew on products that are too hard for them. This breakthrough research offered Mars Petcare the opportunity to create its own new standard for dog chew safety, of which all its care and treats products adhere to and which will be evident on packs with the EVDS safe texture endorsement rolling out further next year across its portfolio. The desire for change is also supported further by the FEDIAF (European Pet Food Industry Federation) who advise to always avoid excessively hard chews and treats, and to ensure owners choose a chew that is the appropriate size and shape for their dog. They also recommend ensuring dogs are supervised at all times while using chews[3].

Dr Marie-Louise Bennett, Scientific Communication Manager at Mars Petcare, comments: “The launch of Crave Meaty Rolls continues to drive momentum and strengthen our popular range. It’s important we continue to innovate to bring new and safe treats to all shoppers looking for a variety of quality ingredients. These have been designed to provide pets with the ultimate distraction, a tough yet safe outer roll, filled with a delicious meaty reward at the core. We’re incredibly proud that Crave Meaty Rolls will be the first to carry the EVDS endorsement demonstrating the safe texture of the product.”

As the fastest growing dog care and treats brand in the UK[4], Crave is perfectly positioned to support Mars Petcare’s mission to encourage shoppers to ‘choose with care’. Pet owners use chews and treats in a number of ways, whether that be for training, to reward good behaviour or to provide mental stimulation, but it’s important they understand the impact some chews are having on their dog’s wellbeing. Dog tooth enamel is up to six times thinner than human teeth[5] and it’s estimated that one in four dogs have a tooth fracture, many of which are the result of chewing objects that are too hard[6], therefore, raising awareness of suitable chews is vital.

Dr Marie-Louise Bennett continues: “It’s important for us to raise awareness of dog oral health among owners and across the industry. Choosing a toy or chew that cares for dogs’ teeth isn’t always easy, so our aim is to help pet owners, as well as retailers, better understand how they can choose and stock chews that are safe and suitable for dogs’ teeth, thereby minimising the risk of painful tooth fractures.”

The EVDS endorsement will also be rolled out across further Mars Petcare dental chews in 2023.

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