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In the food industry, your recipe’s and ingredients hold the key to you creating that recognisable taste in every batch you produce. Whilst branding and marketing campaigns may do the business in advertising your goods, the thing that will keeps customers coming back for more is that distinct, memorable and flavoursome experience.

Kitchen scales MAIN

From the savoury to the sweet, filling snacks to belly-warming dishes, a lot of time, hard-work and research have gone into making a tasty and nutritious recipe. Once procedures and ingredients have been formulated ready for mass and commercial production, it is at this point that the scalability and measurability of your production becomes ever more important.

Food For Thought…

KITCHEN SCALES 2Think about baking a cake. Each recipe comes with ingredients with a set measure for inclusion at dedicated times. These times and weights are intrinsically significant to the make-up of your product and as demand increases, so do the numbers involved.

Food industry conglomerations and production plants constantly pay close attention to the numbers included in their production process. Specialist weighing and calibration equipment is responsible for ensuring that everything from deliveries to production weights are accurately measured and quantified in order to create an effective, reliable and productive process.

In order to understand just how responsible weighing equipment is in the food industry, it makes sense to understand the consequences of what one simple miscalculation can mean. Let’s start from the beginning.

1 – Deliveries

Lorries are weighed before and after making deliveries toensure that amounts are exact and the delivery is not in breach of any legal complications. Heavy fines and lawful injunctions can incur if lorries are found to be carrying more or less than is expected as deliveries are often calculated to be as cost-efficient and eco-friendly as possible.

2- Production Line

Once goods and ingredients arrive, they will be loaded and prepared for production. On a mass scale, production plants look to producehigh quantities at fast rates without compromising quality, which is why accurate and exact measure must be made quickly, reliably and safely in order to ensure that production is not hindered or compromised.

3 – Quantifiable Data

With so many differing ingredients, each with individual and collective weights to manage, it is this data that helps businesses and companies assess and manage their figures. On both a financial and productivity scale, being able to see how weights, prices and amounts compare and contrast will help display just how effective your procedures and processes are.

One simple miscalculation or incorrect calibration can have much more costly consequences further down the line, causing systems to be shut down and productivity to cease – all because your weighing equipment is faulty or inconsistent.

Are You Working Accurately?

The simple fact is that accurate measurements and weightsbecome even more important the larger the scale of production. Baking a cake, you can afford to be a little lenient with your measurements, but when you are looking to bake by the tens, hundreds even thousands, then there is simply no room for error when it comes to weighing your ingredients.

Keeping your business afloat is all about getting the basics right, so make sure you have the right weighing equipment to build a successful, productive and great tasting business.

Phil Warrington, a food industry specialist, looks at the importance held by accurate and reliable weighing equipment in the commercial food production world. He recommends ADF Scale, established and experienced professional pallet scale specialists who supply, service, repair and calibrate sophisticated weighing and counting equipment.

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