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KP Snacks has announced a new media investment for its beacon ‘Better for You’ brand popchips.

Running from mid-February until the beginning of April, the campaign will feature across Out of Home and social media channels. Reaching 78% of all adults, equivalent to 41 million people, the campaign aims to drive brand penetration and awareness.

Continuing popchips’ “Start Something Good” messaging, the campaign will capitalise on the strength of the Healthier Snacking segment which is growing +22.3%[1]. Fully non-HFSS across the entire range, popchips is the number one “Better for You” brand in Sharing, contributing 58% of the Healthier Snacking segment’s growth.

The campaign aligns with the continuation of popchips’ partnership with Digital Cinema Media, which features a 20-second ad running until the end of March.

Alex Callender, Brand Manager, KP Snacks, said: “popchips is a leading brand in Healthier Snacking and we are delighted to be driving awareness of this tasty snack with increased media support. By keeping popchips front of mind for shoppers, we will bolster sales for retailers and maintain the strong momentum behind the popchips brand.”

Providing a permissible snack without compromising on big flavour, the popchips range is worth £46.4m RSV and is growing in value at +6.8%[2].

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