• The Swedish drinks brand, famous for its bold and fruity cider and cocktails range, is launching a brand-new alcoholic ginger beer.
  • Kopparberg Ginger Beer will be available from March 2023.
  • The brand-new warming ginger beer is paired with sweet and citrusy flavour of orange for maximum refreshment and has a 5% ABV.

As consumers look to make their at-home occasions more momentous, there’s an increasing focus on experimenting with flavours and going beyond tried and tested drinks. A key trend in this sphere is ginger flavoured drinks; with a 73% increase in popularity for “ginger cocktails” from 2022 into 20231 which has driven a 27% sales growth in ginger beer/ale since 20192.

Beyond cocktails and mixers, the alcoholic ginger beer sub-category share of sales has increased threefold3. Popularity across ginger flavours is introducing younger drinkers into these categories, but, in the UK, range is sparse causing retailers to miss out on an important demographic.

Kopparberg’s 5% ABV orange-flavoured alcoholic ginger beer is zesty and refreshing with a delicious blend of ginger spice and citrus sweetness. The orange aroma and taste give it a vibrant and uplifting character, perfect for sipping on a warm summer day or pairing with spicy cuisine. Kopparberg Ginger Beer is a colourful balance of bold flavours and smooth drinkability.

Rob Salvesen, Head of Marketing at Kopparberg explains, “We are really excited by the category and think we add something special in our understanding of younger consumers and flavour trends.  The Ginger Beer category has been stagnant for some time with little innovation and excitement – we want to drive excitement into the category and with the brand bring a new audience.”

From March 2023, Kopparberg’s Orange Ginger Beer will be available from Tesco with availability in ASDA from May. 

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