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The bakery industry has recently experienced a revival with the pandemic placing special emphasis on health and wellbeing. This has driven an interest in healthy bakes and clear labelling amongst other things and will see the UK Bread & Bakery Goods Production industry grow by 0.4%. While this may not seem like a large number, when considering the industry is worth £4.4 billion, the growth presents an opportunity for businesses to increase their profitability.

Kite Packaging is always seeking new ways to help businesses meet their packaging needs and more, offering market-leading expertise, over 2500 stock products and tens of thousands of bespoke lines.

The company’s semi-automatic carton sealer secures packages with high quality seals ready for shipping and offers significant time savings which can be applied elsewhere. The plug and play carton sealer is easy to set up, adjust and maintain and is great for those wanting a flexible option that can be moved to wherever sealing is required. Automating workflow in such a way allows employees can focus on other, more valuable tasks, opening up the possibility for businesses to deliver more of the services they already offer as well as a chance to expand their current offering.

The more a business automates, the quicker they can carry out their business functions, resulting in faster turnaround times and an increased ability to complete urgent or small-quantity orders which also may not have been economically viable before.

Automation is not the only way forward however. Buying wholesale packaging also offers a chance to improve efficiency by reducing the time spent reviewing inventory, looking for promotional offers and administration when placing orders.

Kite Packaging offers a range of wholesale discounts depending on purchase quantity on all of their products, including ventilated pallet wrap which is a staple for bakeries. This particular pallet wrap has small holes in its surface to prevent condensation from forming and becoming trapped which can often spoil goods. Thanks to its perforated surface, ventilated pallet wrap uses less material and provides a cost saving when compared to other films as well as being compatible with all machine and hand dispensers. It can be integrated very easily into existing packaging systems.

By implementing automation, simplified processes and purchasing wholesale packaging, businesses can increase their efficiency and profitability.

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