The leading online packaging supplier has added a new semi-automatic carton sealer to their existing range of sealers.

This low-cost, entry-level system secures packages ready for shipping with high quality seals and is perfect for businesses with a large daily throughput. Automating this function improves the efficiency of packing processes, offering significant time savings that can be applied elsewhere to increase productivity.

Kite’s new semi-automatic carton sealer is great for those seeking a flexible option as it can be moved to wherever sealing is required. Infeed and outfeed conveyors are included with the carton sealer unlike similar products on the market, saving you the hassle of purchasing these accessories separately. These ensure a smooth in and out feed from the sealer, maintaining the pristine condition of cartons and their contents, while the top and side drive belts securely carry them through the system for a professional finish each time.

This plug and play system is easy to set up, adjust and maintain. Available to purchase from Kite at market-beating prices, these carton sealers can be bought as part of a bundle which includes either 12 or 36 discounted rolls of hotmelt machine tape.

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