Online packaging supplier, Kite Packaging, has added yet more sizes to their bestselling range of single and double wall boxes. The decision to expand the range comes after continuously growing demand for the popular products.

Both single and double wall boxes are a FEFCO 0201 style of box containing between 60-90% recycled content. Further to this, they are 100% kerbside recyclable and feed a circular economy that protects the planet.

Kite’s single wall boxes are comprised of a single layer of corrugation that provides high quality protection to support most shipping requirements. Some sizes come multiscored, providing the option to adjust box depths so they better suit the goods packaged within and minimise shipping costs.

The company’s double wall boxes use a dual layer of corrugation to provide twice the strength and protection of the single wall variety for heavier duty applications. These boxes deliver increased resistance against the compression forces at play during handling and shipping, ensuring goods are well protected at all times.

The leading online packaging supplier offers competitively-priced products with wholesale discounts on bulk orders and the added benefit of free delivery on orders over £45.

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