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  • Research reveals 67% of the nation are worried about the cost of a turkey and 35% are concerned they’ll miss out on one altogether*
  • To ensure Brits can host their perfect roast this Christmas, Iceland brings back ‘Turkey Insurance’ to guarantee families a festive bird, with delivery slots for Saturday 9th – Saturday 16th December now open
  • What’s more, Iceland shoppers can bag a turkey roast dinner to serve 8-10 for just £30 online
  • Research also revealed misconceptions shoppers have on how fresh is a fresh turkey

Winner, winner, turkey dinner! As the festive season fast approaches, Iceland is back with its hugely popular ‘Turkey Insurance’ which guarantees shoppers their Christmas dinner staple.

It comes following new research from the value supermarket that found over half the nation (57%) see turkey as essential for their Christmas dinner. However, more than a third (35%) of Brits are more concerned about being able to get hold of one this Christmas compared to last year, and over half the nation (67%) worry about affording one*.

To put turkey back on the nation’s Christmas dinner plate and encourage Brits to host their perfect roast, shoppers can secure their festive bird ahead of the big day. And it’s all thanks to the return of Iceland’s ‘Turkey Insurance’ initiative which guarantees shoppers a turkey for delivery between Saturday 9th and Saturday 16th December.

Plus, Iceland has launched yet another Christmas deal to help shoppers manage costs – offering a turkey and any three sides for just £30 to serve 8-10 people – including fan favourites like the frozen Iceland Luxury Perfect Turkey Crown (2.2kg) and Ridiculously Crispy Roast Potatoes.

Following news frozen turkeys are rising in prices, Iceland’s frozen bundle is aimed at providing shoppers a value Christmas centrepiece with sides this Christmas. But alarmingly 39% of Brits believe a fresh turkey is better quality compared to one that’s frozen.

As 95% of its turkey range is frozen this year, Iceland is set on dispelling myths about the nation’s Christmas dinner essential to ensure shoppers receive the best value and quality for the day. According to recent research, a significant 55% of consumers believe that fresh turkeys are inherently fresher, while 35% also express concerns that natural flavours are lost when turkeys are thawed.

However, Iceland wants to set the record straight. Contrary to popular belief, fresh turkeys don’t necessarily equate to enhanced freshness. In fact, fresh turkeys can be stored for up to 14 days or longer before hitting the supermarket shelves. Frozen turkeys, however, remain preserved from the outset, ensuring juiciness and flavours are locked in and deliver a truly delicious experience. 

‘Turkey Insurance’ 

To guarantee their Christmas turkey, customers will simply need to create an online account on, ensure their marketing preferences are turned on, and look out for an email with all the details on how to secure their turkey. Once received, they must complete the order form by 25th November to secure a delivery slot between Saturday 9th and Saturday 16th December.

Customers can choose from:

  • Iceland Luxury Perfect Turkey Crown, (2.2kg, £25.00)
  • Bernard Matthews Medium Crown, (Serves 6-10, £23.00)
  • Bernard Matthews Medium Turkey, (Serves 6-7, £21.00) 

Online exclusive £30 mega offer on the perfect Turkey Christmas Dinner – shoppers save £8.50 until 24th November 

If one Turkey deal wasn’t enough, Iceland has launched yet another way to save on festive food this season thanks to its £30 mega deal. Shoppers can create their perfect Christmas dinner with options galore and all for just £30 with a Turkey and three sides from Iceland when shopping online.

  • Iceland Luxury Perfect Turkey Crown, (2.2kg, £25.00)
  • Iceland Luxury Pigs In Blanket, (12pk, £3.50)
  • Iceland Luxury Sprouts & Bacon, (400g, £2.50)
  • Iceland Luxury Red Cabbage Apple, (350g, £2.00)
  • Iceland Ridiculously Crispy Roast Potatoes, (1kg, £2.75)
  • Iceland Luxury Beef Dripping York Pudding, (4pk, £1.75)
  • Iceland Cauliflower Cheese, (680g, £2.75)
  • Iceland Carrot, Broccoli & Peas, (1kg, £2.00)
  • Iceland Carrot, Sugar Snaps & Baby Corn, (1kg, £2.00)
  • Cathedral City Cauliflower Cheese, (450g, £4.00)
  • Cathedral City Cheesy Broccoli Bake, (450g, £4.50)
  • Cathedral City Bacon Sprouts, (450g, £4.50)
  • Cathedral City Cheese & Bacon Potato Bake, (450g, £4.00)
  • Cathedral City Cheesy Gratins, (4pk, £4.00)

“We know our customers are concerned about getting hold of a turkey and the cost of putting a roast on the table this year. So, at Iceland, we’re doing everything we can with our largest range of turkeys ever. From our exclusive online turkey roast dinner offer to the return of our popular ‘Turkey Insurance’ initiative – all aiming to help our customers enjoy their perfect festive meal at home with their loved ones.” said Andrew Staniland Group Buying Director at Iceland Foods & The Food Warehouse.

To date, Iceland’s ‘Turkey Insurance’ has ensured many homes across the nation received their turkey on time, and 2023 will be no different as booking is now open for delivery slots between Saturday 9th and Saturday 16th December. 

Shop Iceland’s full range of turkeys in-store and online at Iceland and The Food Warehouse while stock lasts. Visit and for more information. 

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