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Coconut water is one of the fastest growing beverage categories in the US, UK and Europe due to its natural hydrating qualities, great taste and nutritional benefits. Not to mention the large number of celebrities drinking it. It is a great source of nutrients, contains calcium and magnesium, and the same amount of heart healthy potassium as a banana or a glass of orange juice. And that’s just a few of its ‘superdrink’ claims. With some 250 coconut water beverage brands now worldwide (20 in the UK alone) it’s safe to say the word is out on the latest addition to the superfoods category.


Dovetailing on the success Coconut Water is enjoying as a beverage, OkoBay has created a range of all natural Coconut Water Ice lollies – something of a world first. “Coconut Water global sales are expected to exceed cranberry juice in the next few years. We saw an opportunity to take coconut water’s health halo credentials to the next level and offer consumers a healthy frozen snack that can be enjoyed not only on those hot summer days but all year round. It’s taken over two years to create and a fair bit of brain freeze along the way but we’ve finally cracked it” said TJ Herbert, Co-Founder of OkoBay.

OkoBay Coconut Water Ice will this week introduce two of its four flavour variants, Original Coconut Water and Coconut Water and Pineapple, through the UK supermarkets and independent health food sector. Retailers already on board include Tesco, Whole Foods, Planet Organic and Health Matters along with a number of wholesale distributors offering national coverage. “The response from the trade has been incredible – it’s not often you have buyers calling you but that’s been the case with OkoBay. As you can imagine we can’t wait to hear what consumers have to say” Herbert explains.

The products will be available in both 105ml single serve for on the go and 3 x 105ml multi-packs for the take home market. OkoBay claims the products are ‘All Good. Nothing Naughty’ meaning they contain no added sugar or artificial ingredients – and are around 60kcals per serving. Herbert continues “Coconut water connects to “naturality” – the biggest trend in the food and beverage business, worldwide. We were certainly not about to start compromising through the use of cheap, nasty ingredients, when developing the OkoBay range”

OkoBay_whiteAs for OkoBay’s tag line ‘Made With Baby Coconuts’ fellow Founder Darryn Welch explains, “We wanted to have something that was lighthearted and catchy that could be associated with the brand. Coconut water comes from ?baby green coconuts? which are harvested at six months old when they contain the optimal amount of mineral-rich coconut water. Of course we don’t want to be seen as the slayer of infant coconuts – but ‘Made With Baby Coconuts’ seemed like the right fit”.

The company’s official launch will take place at The Natural and Organic Show at Olympia on the 13th/14th April Stand 9022.


TJ Herbert – Founding Partner and CEO

Tel: 07941 640 543


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