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Hovis® launches new trio of premium artisanal style breads

Hovis®, the iconic 137-year-old British bakery brand, is thrilled to announce another exciting move into the realm of artisanal-inspired bread with the launch of the Bakers Since 1886® Rustic Bloomers range. The new range marks another significant step in Hovis’ journey towards providing premium, authentic loaves that redefine the essence of pre-packaged premium bread.

Available to buy from the 4th September at a MRSP of £1.90, the Bakers Since 1886 Rustic Bloomers collection includes the Rustic White Bloomer, Rustic Seeded Bloomer, and Rustic Granary Bloomer. With Hovis’ rich heritage, dating back to 1886, these Rustic Bloomers promise quality and authenticity, appealing to today’s discerning consumers seeking unique, top-tier bakery selections.

The 550g Rustic Bloomer loaves will be available in White and Seeded, with the latter including Sunflower Seeds, Poppy Seeds, Millet Seeds and Golden Linseed for a deliciously rich, nutty finish, while the Rustic Granary Bloomer is initially launching as an exclusive offering for Tesco customers, featuring Cut Wheat & Rye to provide an extra layer of flavour and texture.

Developed using traditional sponge and dough methods, and slow fermentation, the bloomer breads offer enhanced flavour complexity and a soft texture. Unlike conventional bloomers available on the market, Hovis’ 1886 Rustic Bloomers are baked in shallow trays, helping to yield an unmistakably traditional tapered and rounded shape with thick slices, generous end crusts and four distinctive diagonal cuts for a truly artisanal-inspired experience. This innovation brings the charm and authenticity of independent bakery experiences directly to shopping aisles.

Claire Parlour, Marketing Director at Hovis, comments: “At Hovis, our passion for preserving tradition while embracing innovation has led us to develop the Bakers Since 1886 Rustic Bloomers range. These loaves are more than just bread; they’re a testament to our dedication to delivering a truly authentic and more artisanal inspired experience. With each bite, consumers taste our heritage and commitment to excellence, making every meal a moment to savour.

“With the total pre-packaged bloomers subcategory now worth £49.5m and showing value growth of 11.6%[1], shopper demand for premium artisanal inspired products is rising. Through the launch of our Bakers Since 1886 Rustic Bloomers range, we’re directly tapping into this growing trend and providing retailers with the perfect products to drive sales in their stores.”

[1] NIQ Scantrack, total coverage, incl. discounters, total pre-packaged loaves with “bloomer” in variant name, 52 w/e 15/07/23 vs previous year

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