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Good Guys challenges the sector with New! Biscuit Melts landing at Sainsbury’s 

  • Real ingredients baked in
  • Naturally low in fat and calories
  • 50% less fat than regular savoury biscuits
  • Just 5 calories per biscuit melt
  • Palm Oil free 

Challenger Snack brand, Good Guys Bakehouse, is set to shake up savoury biscuits with a duo of tasty, light biscuit melts landing at Sainsbury’s this January.

Founded by a team of snacks industry experts, the brand is on a mission to put the ‘good’ into savoury biscuits with new wafer based biscuits that are baked with real ingredients and are naturally low in fat and calories.

The new Good Guys Biscuit Melts – available in Cheddar and Peppered – are made with generous helpings of real Cheddar Cheese, Chilli Powder, Black Pepper and Spices, and baked to perfection.

As a result, the tasty, crispy, wafer light biscuit melts are packed with real flavour and contain 50% less fat.[1] They’re also just 5 calories each.

Steve Monk, Founder of Good Guys Bakehouse says: 

“Our mission with Good Guys is to bring much needed innovation to grow the savoury biscuits category. This means keeping it simple, with great tasting healthier snacks baked with real ingredients.” 

“Whilst many shoppers look to savoury biscuits for a wholesome, healthier choice, we found most of the savoury snack biscuits to be high in fat and calories with this segment offering little to health-conscious consumers.”  

“Unlike many brands that spray flavourings and extra oils onto their snacks, we simply bake in real ingredients.  This means our biscuits don’t just taste real, they’re low in fat and calories too, for guilt free snacking on the sofa!” 

“As a team, we’ve worked with some of the biggest brands in snacking, and we’ve learnt that making the best tasting healthier snacks isn’t about what you take out, but what you bake in.  We’re proud to launch what we believe is our best product yet!”

NEW! Good Guys Biscuit Melts launch into Sainsbury’s from January 2023. They are also available on Amazon, with more stockists to follow. RRP £1.75 for a carton of 39 biscuits.

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[1]  Good Guys Cheddar Biscuit Melts contain 60% less fat per 100g than regular cheddar biscuits/ Good Guys Peppered Biscuit Melts contain 50% less fat per 100g than other peppered biscuits.

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