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Ginsters, the No 1 brand in Savoury Pastry[1], today announce a major change to its pack identity across the brand’s product portfolio, with a bold and exciting new design, that reflects more taste, more personality, and more quality. This is a significant moment for the Ginsters’ brand and one that is designed to bring excitement into the category, with the new packs set to hit shelves from 30th August 2023.

Ginsters is proud to have delivered delicious real honest food to the nation for more than fifty years, due to its exceptional baking heritage and expertise. Today, the brand still enjoys extremely high levels of brand salience[2] and has delivered 5 years of consecutive RSV growth[3].

Now is the right time to evolve the brand’s identity, telling the story behind the high-quality ingredients and locally sourced vegetables, whilst enhancing taste appeal.

Over the past few years Ginsters has focused on communicating its provenance and ingredient story, delivering a stronger, more positive association with quality ingredients.  Ginsters products are crafted with no artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives and use locally sourced vegetables and only using 100% British Meat – all of which have increased significance and drive meaningfulness and trust with consumers . 

Ginsters brief to top brand identity design agency Bloom, looked for a simple design solution that was instantly ownable and distinctive for the brand. A design solution that balanced both the emotional and functional benefits of taste, provenance, and ingredients, with a sense of dynamism and an upbeat personality, to deliver impact and stand out at fixture.  Speaking about the new design, Bloom added: “As an antidote to the monochromatic grey tones of the current packaging, Ginsters’ brighter brand identity and newly evolved brand positioning deliberately evokes more emotion and wholesomeness of the delicious product inside”.

Ginsters predict that the investment in the new identity will drive growth and increased penetration for the brand, via recruitment of new shoppers wanting a delicious, quick, and nutritious meal solution and inspiration to try the tasty new packs at shelf.  The design will also drive education about provenance and ingredients, delivering higher consumer brand associations such as ‘quality ingredients2’ and ‘tastier than other brands2’.

Speaking about the new design, brand identity agency Bloom said: Our Design and Illustration team created a world of colourful Cornish attitude. The illustration draws inspiration from Ginsters heritage and the west-country landscape. We’ve captured the brand’s core taste and quality along with its warm, unique Cornish personality. With a new vibrant colour palette, delicious photography and illustrative assets, the bold new identity is quintessentially Cornish and unmistakeably Ginsters”.

Commenting on the new brand identity effect on the category, Ginsters Marketing Director, Emma Stowers said “We believe our bold new brand identity will excite our retail partners and will help build on Ginsters position as the beacon brand for the category.  The new design delivers standout and visibility which in turn will benefit the category by attracting more shoppers to the fixture, while also making the portfolio easier to shop, which will aid conversion – a win-win situation for all”.

[1] IRI Infoscan Total Savoury Pastry, value share 12 w/e 11.06.23 at 9.9%

[2] Kantar, Brand Equity Report, March 2023

[3] IRI Infoscan 52 w/e 25.12.22

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