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Adande® has supplied two refrigerated double drawer systems to Stooks Café, which is located in Newbridge Nurseries’ garden centre near Horsham. The 140 seat restaurant offers breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea, serving over 2,500 covers per week. Stooks caters for visitors to the garden centre as well as being recognised as a dining destination, in its own right, drawing visitors from the local community and beyond. The restaurant’s menu includes freshly prepared classic dishes, inspired by Middle Eastern cuisine, as well as creative salads, using home grown and local organic produce and herbs. The café is also renowned for its high quality sandwiches and patisserie.

DSCF0819_RTOne of the Adande® drawer units is used for the chilled storage of raw fish in one drawer and ingredients for main dishes in the other. The second Adande® unit has a chilled drawer for salad storage, with the other drawer configured as a blast chiller for the rapid refrigeration of bulk pre-prepared food, including risotto.

The drawer units are located beneath the kitchen’s food preparation worktops, providing convenient and space saving temperature controlled storage, whilst eliminating the need for staff to leave the workstation to fetch ingredients. The kitchen’s flow line food preparation layout is designed for operator efficiency and speed of service.

The unique and patented Adande® refrigerated systems feature insulated drawers and an innovative modified air flow pattern, which deliver high efficiency cooling, as well as accurate and stable temperature control, no matter how frequently the drawer is opened, even in the hottest kitchen environments.

Jane Wait, Director of Newbridge Nurseries and Proprietor & General Manager of Stooks Café, cited the inherent versatility of the Adande® drawer units as one of the reasons they were specified for the kitchen:

“We are able to set the appropriate temperature at the push of a button, with absolute confidence that the drawers will maintain accurate temperatures. This has significant positive implications for the freshness and appearance of food. We have been particularly impressed by the way the Adande® drawers maintain raw fresh fish in optimum condition.”

Head Chef, John Waldron, added: “The blast chill function is invaluable, helping us safely refrigerate pre-prepared bulk meals, prior to service, allowing us to make the best use of time. Food hygiene is also an important factor and the fully demountable drawers aid our stringent cleaning regimes, saving valuable time in daily housekeeping routines.”

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