Fry’s is bringing a touch of sweetness to shelves this month with the launch of a new limited-edition Turkish Delight multipack in cherry flavour. Fry’s Turkish Delight Cherry will be available from August in a multipack of 3 x 51g bars to help retailers drive sales from shoppers looking for something a bit different on the confectionery fixture.

The Fry’s multipack range is already growing at almost 17%[i] – well ahead of the total segment growth of Adult Multipacks of 1.6%[ii]. This new flavour will help retailers to tap into this opportunity and demand even further. As a brand, Fry’s is especially popular with more mature shoppers, many of which regularly buy multipack formats, so Fry’s Turkish Delight Cherry will offer these consumers another great-tasting option to choose from.

Sophia Geddes, Brand Executive for Fry’s at Mondel?z International, added, “We know that cherry is the sixth most popular flavour[iii] in sugar confectionery so there’s a clear opportunity to bridge that gap into chocolate with a product like Fry’s Turkish Delight. The new limited-edition multipack comes off the back of our Turkish Delight Lemon flavour, launched in 2020, and is set to drive interest and sales in the confectionery category for retailers.”

Fry’s Turkish Delight Cherry multipack is available from August at an RRP* of £1.49. It should be ranged among other chocolate confectionery multipacks. Retailers can visit for category advice and more information on chocolate confectionery. 

*Prices are recommended only. Retailers are free to set their own prices

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