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FHG IPP Logipal, the UK & Ireland’s second largest pooling supplier and leading high quality pallet pooling specialist, has launched a range of reusable box solutions comprising the FHG Bulk Box, FHG High Protection Box plus handling and packaging accessories including liners, flexible textile inserts and a smart pocket frame. The new FHG Bulk Box range is aimed at the retail and industrial sectors and offers a robust and efficient way to handle, store and carry products. The new FHG High Protection Box is ideal for transporting high value, fragile components and finished goods.


Carl McInerney, country director, FHG IPP Logipal UK commented: “These Reusable Box Solutions offer high product protection and significant cost savings in the supply chain. They have a number of applications in a wide variety of sectors and are ideal for use in closed loop pooling, with customers taking advantage of the benefits of pooling and from low prices. FHG IPP Logipal is now able to offer the combined benefits of pooling and reusable boxes in a low-cost, green and efficient handling system.

“The accessories further deliver flexible, smart packaging solutions and added parts protection. By achieving higher load factors, transport movements and storage space requirements are reduced.

“We have a dedicated point of contact, Laura Loveridge, at our new UK HQ to handle all enquiries for the new FHG Bulk Box and FHG High Protection Box. Laura will also work alongside Dan Cronin at FHG IPP Logipal’s specialist WEEE business unit for recycling sector solutions.”


FHG Bulk Box

The FHG Bulk Box range comes in three base sizes – 800 x 1200mm, and two types of 1000 x 1200mm – and two combinable heights 400 and 800mm. Made of a strong and rigid wood and metal design to protect products, these FHG bulk boxes are available with a hinged side for easy picking access. When not in use, they are collapsible and stackable for efficient transport when empty.

FHG High Protection Box

The FHG High Protection Box is of solid, rigid plastic design to provide high protection to the box’s contents. It can be used with textile inserts that protect products and afford high utilisation of space without the need for wasteful single-use packaging. When not in use, the box is easily foldable and stackable for optimising empty transport capacity.

FHG IPP Logipal

Laura Loveridge

Tel: 01676 524018

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