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Christmas 2022 saw total take-home grocery sales reach a new record at £12.8 billion for December, £1.1 billion higher compared to the same period last year (NFU).

However, the data shows inflation is the main driver behind this increase, rather than increased purchasing, as the volume of purchases was down by 1.4 per cent year-on-year.

For Christmas 2023, retailers need to showcase an exciting Christmas line-up with well-known brands to catch sales.

“Bread and bakery is a major category that retailers should be promoting around the Christmas season, particularly brioche,” comments Josh Corrigan, Customer Development Director, UK, at St Pierre Groupe. “Christmas is a key time of year for every food brand, however, at St Pierre, we have spent the past few years carving out a category for brioche in UK bakery fixtures and educating consumers on how versatile brioche can be.”

The biggest trend around the festive season is premiumisation, which is still driving sales across the category and savvy retailers will ensure that in categories like bakery, they are offering easy upgrades for shoppers. Consumers will always look for ways to improve the meals they’re making at home and that’s especially true at Christmas, with guests to impress.

“Products that offer versatility will also be key as shoppers can use them across multiple meal occasions during the festive season. That’s why, on our six-pack brioche buns, we removed ‘burger’ from the descriptor.

Shoppers are not tied to using burger buns for burgers, especially over the seasonal period – and elevating the menu with a premium quality bread carrier at any time of day, delivers a feel-good factor that UK consumers are craving,” adds Corrigan.

“Whilst our Brioche Buns are brilliant with burgers, there’s a whole host of amazing dishes you can use them for and by changing the name on-pack, simply to ‘Brioche Buns’ we’re helping consumers to embrace new ideas.”

St Pierre is bringing back some favourites in seasonal packaging and launching its first ever festive product. Last year, St Pierre launched seasonal packaging into stores nationwide with festive designs for its Sliced Brioche Loaf and Brioche Burger Buns. The brand is preparing to bring back the same, successful Christmas packaging for this season, featuring festive motifs across two of its key lines with updates to the on-pack copy and recipe suggestions to resonate with consumers at this key time of year. St Pierre has also developed a raft of recipes to inspire people to recreate festive favourites, elevated by brioche. These recipes help to drive sales via in-store communications and consumer-facing PR and advertising, and as a result St Pierre has helped to establish brioche on the Christmas menus of millions.

St Pierre, the UK’s number one brioche brand, is also introducing its first ever seasonal product, the St Pierre Chocolate Brioche Wreath, launching just in time to elevate bakery sales this Christmas.

Combining St Pierre’s bestselling brioche, renowned for its affordable indulgence and elevating everyday bakery, whilst capitalising on the trend for premiumisation at Christmas, consumers will be able to add St Pierre’s new showstopping wreath to their celebrations.

The new Chocolate Brioche Wreath combines St Pierre’s traditional brioche with a smooth, indulgent chocolate filling, creating a marbled appearance. Perfect for pulling apart and sharing straight from the pack, it can also be topped or filled to create an impressive showpiece. Making its debut in ASDA and Morrisons stores from 23rd October at RRP £5.15, the delicious new treat will be presented in St Pierre’s traditional eye-catching orange packaging with a festive twist.

Mark Frossell, Senior National Account Manager at St Pierre Groupe, comments on behalf of Baker Street: “Bread and bakery is one of the key categories retailers should be promoting at this time of year, with growth being driven by innovation in rolls and baguettes, which is out-pacing both ‘bread’ and ‘morning goods and speciality breads’ at almost 18 per cent (Nielsen to 3rd June 2023). Local retailers are looking for products that will sell well and give good margins.

“Shoppers continue to buy bread and bakery at scale in local grocery outlets, making this category very important in these stores over the festive season, both in sales terms and as a driver of store traffic. Retailers are looking for familiar products like the Baker Street range, that will sell well and give good margins. Meanwhile their customers are increasingly looking for breads for everyday eating that offer a point of difference, as well as innovative products that enhance meal occasions when they are entertaining.”

The cost-of-living crisis means people are likely to be more careful with their money, including over the festive season, and seeking out bakery products that will deliver simultaneously on interest, quality and value. The winning combination of Baker Street’s ‘fakeaway’ appeal and its fresher for longer proposition means it delivers on all counts to cash-cautious consumers and strengthens the attraction of the bakery section.

This festive season Baker Street is bringing back a number of high quality, proven Christmas favourites under the Baker Street brand. The Christmas Market range includes Stollen Cookies, Stollen Loaf 200g, Stollen Bites – Marzipan and Apple, Chocolate Orange Cake Truffles and Salted Caramel Cake Truffles. The range will be available via Tesco, Asda and Co-op stores. Each of the products are multiserve, perfect to encourage sharing at festive get togethers and all aligned with the Baker Street proposition for extended life, meaning shoppers can stock up for the festivities and know that Baker Street will be ready when called upon for those last-minute Christmas gatherings.

“Stocking the Baker Street brand enables local retailers to offer a proven range of long-life bakery products to consumers, particularly those who need last minute household essentials over the festive period, and attitudes towards extended life products are changing,” adds Frossell. “With inflation continuing to rise and household energy bills increasing, local shoppers will continue to appreciate great tasting bread, that they can rely on to be there when they need it, and out of home shoppers will also be looking for products they can rely on.”

Isabela Lluch, Innovation and International Market Manager Puerto De Indias, comments: “Christmas is a time for gifts, treats and serious indulgence so the spirit category is a vital one for retail, the On-trade and for consumers. It’s a time when health is put to one side and people gather to celebrate, inebriate, and push the festive boat out so it’s crucial wholesalers, retailers and the On-trade have the right high-class spirits to excite and drive the upsell. Whether it is the creation of special cocktails and serves for the occasion or sleek and sexy gift packs, we have product range, point of sale and creativity to help wholesalers and their customers strike gold this festive season.”

The brand’s best-selling products are Puerto de Indias Strawberry gin and our LGTBI limited edition bottle. Puerto de Indias launched a Blackberry variant last year which is made using locally picked blackberries, cinnamon, violet and bilberries and the brand has a whole host of exciting new products to roll out in 2024.

“With competition expected to be fierce this festive season, retailers need to do all they can to find a point of difference. That could be through the food and drink they offer, the promotions they run or through their activations. Promotion will be key so make sure you shout about your festive offerings, happenings and events. There is a great opportunity to up and cross-sell as well so make sure you stock our exciting range to complement the season and intrigue consumers,” adds Lluch.

“It’s vital that brands are proactive in communicating with current customers and in reaching new ones so our vibrant marketing campaigns continue to be a key part of our success.”

The brand will be going hard once again this Christmas through wide reaching press and social media campaigns, advertising plus some exciting activations and promotions with retail customers.

Calli O’Brien, Head of Marketing at Aston Manor Cider, comments: “We know cider sales increase at Christmas, which we expect to remain the case this year. An additional half a million UK households buy apple and fruit ciders during the Christmas period vs the summer months. So, for retailers, this means stocking a range of brands, flavours and pack formats is key to maximise this opportunity.”

Larger multi-packs are important to ensure shoppers keep their home supply stocked up for Christmas. Product packs, such as the pint cans in the Crumpton Oaks four-pack, prove popular but also enable consumers to keep their supply stocked up with single-serve options.

“However, it is also worth noting cider is the impulse drink of choice so retailers must ensure they can respond to this by offering a 100% chilled range, stocking a wide range of options in cans and bottles, adds O’Brien. “Retailers should therefore provide a variety of chilled drinks for customers to buy, take home, and enjoy straight away. When a shopper buys cider on impulse, having it chilled and ready to drink are often more important than price, however promotions still play an important role in communicating value-for-money that will help to win longer term customer loyalty.”

A third of shoppers only ever buy cider in cans (Mintel) so it is important that retailers stock both bottles and cans to provide choice for consumers. Frosty Jack’s and Crumpton Oaks Cider come in both pack formats and the brand recommends retailers dual stock plastic bottled products alongside cans, to help attract more customers into stores.

Aston Manor Cider has introduced a new range of Frosty Jack’s pack formats, looking to offer more affordability to customers as shoppers look to tighten their belts.

Further strengthening Frosty Jack’s reputation as the market leader in high strength cider, the new range of cider sizes has been designed to help provide shoppers with reassurance as the cost-of-living crisis continues. The rising prices of food and drink is the top concern for almost half (49%) of shoppers (Levercliff ) and as a result, Aston Manor Cider is ensuring its Frosty Jack’s brand remains affordable.

To remain affordable to customers, the new Frosty Jack’s RRSP range will include a 2.5L bottle price marked at £5.99, and a new 1L bullet bottle price marked at £2.99. Non priced marked options will also be available.

“Consumers continue to really value convenience as well as focusing on their drinking experience at home and the reality is we are all making savings to varying extents,” adds O’Brien. The new range of Frosty Jack’s formats helps customers not just to make ends meet, but to also be able to afford the brands they value most.”

Stambecco is an elegant range of Italian amaro and liqueurs, distilled in the Piedmont region of Northern Italy, available to retailers to add to the spirits fixture now.

There are two varieties in the range – Maraschino Cherry Amaro and Tiramisu Liqueur – bringing contemporary, familiar flavours to the at-home drinks trolley.

Tim Dunlop, European commercial director for Stambecco, supplied by Biggar and Leith, says: “Sipping drinks come into their own over the winter months, as they enhance the experience of cosy evenings in by the fire, watching boxsets or reality TV episodes, or Christmas movies. Amaro and liqueur drinks should be savoured as they’re drinks that offer structure and flavour complexity that allow them to stand up on their own or over ice.

“Sipping spirits is quite a mindful activity as it is pleasing to all the senses and brings a warming, soothing feeling to the drinker. It’s a moment of relaxation and our Stambecco Maraschino Cherry Amaro and Tiramisu Liqueur bring those comforting flavours to festive evenings.

“Coffee and cherry flavours are bang on trend within alcoholic drinks and we know both Stambecco variants will appeal to a broad demographic of liqueur fans over the festive season.”

Stambecco Maraschino Cherry Amaro (RRP £27.00) and Tiramisu Liqueur (RRP £25) are available to drinks retailers now via UK distributor, Craftwork.

David Relph, country manager UK and Ireland, BuzzBallz Cocktails, comments: “At-home consumption continues to be strong and premium cocktails at home is a trend that is set to boom over the festive season. Shoppers are looking for good value for money and drinks that bring an element of fun to Christmas occasions, such as parties and gatherings in the home.”

There’s a clear trend for higher strength, premium, premixed cocktail RTDs for at-home consumption and consumers are seeking out simple, versatile, great-tasting serves that elevate the occasion. The colourful BuzzBallz Cocktails range is a different, no-mess solution with a strong visual appeal and unique round shape that is perfect for posting on social media – especially the red coloured Strawberry ‘Rita, alongside the green Tequila ‘Rita for festive colour coordination.

“There are huge opportunities for grocery retailers to drive sales in the months leading up to Christmas and over the holidays too,” adds Relph. “To maximise sales, stores should stock a range of contemporary, eye-catching premixed drinks options, highlighting abvs, price points and quality, to demonstrate the breadth of options available. Permanent siting in chillers is essential with secondary display in Christmas themed floor standing units or counter-top display units helping drive impulse purchase.”

BuzzBallz Cocktails has launched a limited edition, premium Pornstar Martini variant. A modern classic, and one of the most sought out cocktails, featuring top quality vodka and passionfruit juice, this fun cocktail creation is set to be a real hit over the Christmas season.

At 13.5% abv, it is a bar strength offering, expertly blended to create a smooth, seductive, still cocktail with a tropical twist and a zingy finish. Passionfruit coloured, it can be enjoyed straight from the can or served over ice, garnished with a wedge of lime, or with the classic prosecco chaser on the side.

Seven SKUs are available to retailers via exclusive distributor, Hammonds of Knutsford: Pornstar Martini, Choc Tease, Tequila ‘Rita, Strawberry ‘Rita, Lotta Colada, Chili Mango and Espresso Martini. All 200ml balls are 13.5 per cent ABV with an RRP of £3.99 each.

Made with premium spirits, and bursting with real fruit juice, natural flavours and ingredients, BuzzBallz Cocktails are produced to a high standard and the fun packaging gives great shelf impact that really drives impulse purchase.

Matt Collins, Trading Director at KP Snacks, comments: “As recessionary conditions prevail and consumers remain cost conscious, the CSN category represents a critical opportunity to bolster Christmas sales. CSN prospers in difficult financial times as shoppers look for affordable tasty treats, with treat occasions growing in Convenience and Impulse channels (Lumina). 62% of shoppers view having snacks in the evenings as an affordable treat (Mintel), and snacks are an easy and effective way to make festive occasions feel more special.

“As a leading snacks manufacturer, KP Snacks offers a broad portfolio of tasty products perfectly positioned to create value and generate demand by meeting all consumer needs this Christmas. Brand is the most important factor influencing product choice (Lumina) and KP Snacks delivers iconic and trusted brands including KP Nuts and Tyrrells to help drive retailer sales.”

Christmas sees an increase in Sharing occasions, from festive movie nights with family to get-togethers with friends. Sharing is the largest segment in CSN, worth £1.6billion and experiencing a 74% increase in packs bought over Christmas versus the rest of the year (Nielsen). Retailers should capitalise on the growth of sharing over Christmas by stocking larger formats to tempt and engage shoppers.

Nuts are a perfect sharing choice, and there is a 60% increase in people purchasing Nuts at Christmas (Nielsen). KP Nuts leads the segment as the UK’s number one Nut brand, worth £95.8m and growing in value +18.1%. At nearly 5 times the size of the nearest branded competitor, KP Nuts holds a 25.9% share of the nuts segment.

Available in a range of flavours, from the Original Salted Peanuts to Dry Roasted and Honey Roast Peanuts, KP Nuts provide an excellent sharing option and the perfect accompaniment to a cold drink. KP Nuts cater to all sharing occasions, with fully recyclable 375g Nut Cuddies and large sharing bags.

Naturally packed with protein and fibre, KP Nuts appeal to shoppers on both taste and health cues, catering to shoppers looking for healthier products that don’t compromise on great flavour this Christmas.

“Over the festive season, shoppers are willing to spend more on higher quality CSN products (Nielsen) to bring extra flavour and excitement to Christmas occasions,” adds Collins. “To drive sales and capitalise on this trend, retailers should broaden their product range in the lead up to Christmas to include more premium options.”

KP Snacks’ premium hand-cooked crisp brand Tyrrells is perfect for tempting shoppers to trade up. Delivering classic consumer favourites, including Mature Cheddar & Chive, Sea Salt & Cider Vinegar and Lightly Sea Salted, Tyrrells 150g Sharing packs are a great choice for festive social occasions.

Worth £65m, Tyrrells holds a 14% share of premium snacking. With alcohol consumption increasing over the Christmas period, and 56% of consumers saying they like to consume savoury snacks with an alcoholic drink (Mintel), Tyrrells offers an exquisite pair to a variety of wines and gins to enhance festive celebrations.

Colin Taylor, Trade Marketing Director at Fox’s Burton’s Companies UK, comments: “Looking at ‘Seasonal Sweet Biscuits’ specifically, the category grew by 6% over the 16 weeks to 25th December 2022, versus the same period the previous year. This growth of £7.7m made ‘Seasonal Sweet Biscuits’ worth £137.4m over the 16-week seasonal period (NIQ & Kantar) – highlighting a huge sales opportunity for retailers with biscuits this Christmas.

“We know Christmas is a time when consumers enjoy sharing treats, and biscuit assortments are exactly that – a small treat that can be bought for the household or gifted for others to share – which is why it is a key category for retailers to stock and promote during the festive season. We will continue to advocate our range of assortments for retailers of all sizes and formats through the Fox’s range with Fox’s Fabulous Biscuit Selection and our Paterson’s shortbread ranges such as Paterson’s Shortbread & Biscuit Assortment.”

Shoppers are constantly looking for choice and variety when shopping with brands they love and trust which is why FBC is continuing to push its assortment ranges into the 2023 season. The Fox’s Classic Selection Assortment box was awarded the #1 best branded seasonal SKU in terms of value over the 2022 Christmas period, achieving £1.4m growth (NIQ & Kantar). In addition, Fox’s Fabulous Viennese assortment was recognised within the top 3 in value shares last year (NIQ & Kantar). The assortment range will also meet the needs of shoppers who are after something a little more premium through Fox’s Fabulous Chocolatey Tin – a selection of fully-coated chocolate biscuits. Following its performance from last year, they are must-stocks this Christmas for retailers looking to drive sales of seasonal assortment ranges.

“Within biscuits, we anticipate that Ginger will continue to be a key flavour this Christmas, having grown 16% over the 2022 seasonal period versus 2021, which significantly outpaces ‘Sweet Biscuit’ growth at 10.7% over the same time (Kantar). Retailers should target the Ginger flavour trend by stocking a variety of products for shoppers to try such as Fox’s Snowman Gingerbread Carton,” adds Taylor.

To meet shopper demand for Ginger this year, as well as to target the recurring trend of nostalgia, FBC is expanding its portfolio with new Fox’s Snowman Gingerbread Carton this Christmas. The Fox’s Snowman Gingerbread Carton which will be sold in a 100g carton and make an ideal stocking filler as well as tap into novelty gifting.

This year, to support its festive products re-entering the market, FBC will begin advertising activity across social media as well as in-store to appeal to shoppers starting to plan their Christmas shop.

Clare Newton, Trade Marketing Manager at Swizzels, said: “Christmas has established itself as one of the biggest retail events of the year and shows no signs of slowing down. It gives retailers a sales boost, especially when it comes to sugar confectionery. Christmas has cemented itself as one of the biggest shopping events for retailers.”

The cost-of-living crisis has led to a greater desire for affordable treats than ever before which brings sugar confectionery to the forefront as one of the most popular categories. Introduction of new products with innovative flavours and healthier ingredients, increase in gifting trends and growth in retail market are expected to drive the demand this Christmas.

New, improved flavours and bags full of the nation’s favourite sweets will shape the sugar confectionery innovation with increased consumer interest in having a wider range of sweets flavours available and a broader variety of fan favourite sweets.

Consumers prefer different sugary treats due to varied palettes and tastes. More and more people are turning to sugar confectionery and prefer it to chocolate; Sugar Confectionery is outperforming chocolate in the market, growing +10.5% vs +4.4% (Circana). Sugar Confectionery is seen as a lighter, more affordable and handier treat that comes in small pack sizes.

Swizzels’ Sweet Shop Favourite Tubs have been very popular amongst shoppers during the festive period, as they are perfect to share with family, friends and colleagues on an occasion like Christmas and the weeks leading up to it. Sweet Shop Favourites Tub is the No.1 tub at Christmas (IRI), seeing a 105% uplift at Christmas (IRI).

Mr Swizzels Sweet Shop Advent Calendars are back this Christmas due to a very successful 2022. They’re sure to delight all Swizzels fans in the lead up to Christmas. They come with 24 doors filled with Swizzels favourites including Refreshers, Drumstick, Love Hearts and Squashies.

Swizzels will be launching two new gift drums for Christmas 2023. With a MRSP of £2.99, they are the perfect gift this Christmas, packed full of Swizzels sweets Love Hearts and or Drumstick chew variants.

Swizzels continues to grow and remains one of the nation’s favourite sugar confectionery brands, especially during the festive period.

Additionally, Swizzels Is the No.1 sugar manufacturer for gifting lines in Symbols and Indies at Christmas growing 47% YoY (IRI).



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