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Designed for commercial use, the ChefAlarm® delivers features previously not found in consumer cooking alarm thermometers, including continuous Min/Max display that tells chefs how hot (or cold) their food gets when they are not looking. The ChefAlarm’s high alarm sounds when food reaches the pre-determined setting, and a first-of-its-kind low alarm is perfect for making yogurt and other cold dishes.

The ChefAlarm read-out is accurate to ±1°C so users should never need a calibration adjustment; however, the ‘CAL’ feature can be used for fine-tuning accuracy to better than ±0.5°C; perfect for food safety.

ChefAlarm’s adjustable alarm volume (92dB) can be heard in the noisiest restaurant kitchen, or in virtually any room close to the kitchen. The main temperature digits are big and easy-to-see from a distance.
Plus, the one-touch backlight button allows users to read the display in low-light conditions.

ChefAlarm comes with one Pro-Series™ High Temp Cooking Probe that measures temperatures to 300°C with a cable that withstands short-term exposure to 350°C. The new Pro-Series Temperature Probes are designed exclusively for the ChefAlarm and are built for robust commercial use. They are faster, more accurate, and resist moisture better than most other alarm thermometer probes.

An optional Pro-Series™ Mini-Needle Probe is a true innovation and is suitable for thin or tiny portions, as well as Sous-Vide cooking where the probe and cable are immersed. The Mini-Needle Probe measures to 300°C with a cable that withstands short-term exposure to 256°C. It reads in only 4 seconds so it’s great for spot temperature checks too.

The ChefAlarm cooking alarm thermometer is competitively priced, at £37.50 each exclusive of VAT and available direct from Electronic Temperature Instruments Ltd ordering code 810-070.

Electronic Temperature Instruments Ltd

Tel: 01903 202151


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