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The new Hawker® LifeTech® Modular and Hawker® Life IQ™ Modular high-frequency battery chargers from EnerSys® deliver increased flexibility, efficiency and reliability with reduced downtime, costs and carbon footprint across a wide range of materials handling, automatic guided vehicle and motive power applications. They reduce energy consumption by up to 25 per cent compared with conventional chargers and can cut charging times by up to two hours. Single-phase and three-phase modules are available in a range of configurations with outputs from 12 to 80V for use with any batteries with a corresponding charging profile including models from the Hawker XFC™ and Hawker Waterless® ranges.


The chargers are configured using a number of identical power modules so that performance can be matched to the specific application requirement. This allows installations to be optimised to take full advantage of all of the energy-efficiency and battery-life benefits of high-frequency charging. Each module is a standalone unit which is managed independently by the control board to deliver peak efficiency at all times. This modular approach minimises the risk of charger failure.

The advanced design of the chargers delivers increased efficiency and reduces energy consumption compared with conventional models. The chargers convert 94 per cent energy input into usable battery power, an industry-leading benchmark that demonstrates the technology leadership of EnerSys. This reduces the carbon footprint of batteries and chargers for businesses who want to improve the sustainability of their operations.

These performance and efficiency gains result from innovative design and use of advanced components to optimise the chargers’ power factor at close to one which is ideal for battery installations. Optimised power factors minimise reactive power from the mains supply and ensure there is no voltage drop, overheating or resonance in the power circuits that can lead to damage to components and unscheduled outages for enhanced reliability. The grid optimisation enabled by the chargers also helps to reduce infrastructure requirements for mains distribution and rephrasing systems which leads to lower costs.

The optimised charging profiles of the Hawker LifeTech Modular and Hawker Life IQ Modular chargers have been developed for all low to heavy duty applications. A customer-friendly menu allows users to select the correct profile for their specific application and battery technology. For low-to-medium duty applications of up to 80 per cent depth of discharge once a day, the recharge time is reduced by around one hour for standard batteries and up to two hours when used in conjunction with an electrolyte recirculation system. These performance gains can provide operators with the flexibility to specify smaller and less expensive chargers for like-for-like applications if a suitable charging window is available.

The modular design supports continuous operations with reduced downtime. If a module should develop a fault it is automatically bypassed while the remaining units continue to operate as normal until the battery is fully charged. Under these circumstances the charger operates at reduced overall power which means the charging cycle is extended slightly but there is no risk of catastrophic failure that would lead to battery outages and operational downtime.

The plug-and-play capabilities of the chargers support simpler and quicker maintenance. The built-in diagnostics provide rapid fault identification on the charger’s screen. Faulty modules can be hot-swapped quickly and easily while the charger continues to work with no disruption to ongoing operations. The modular approach also ensures fewer components are required across the complete range which means spare parts covering more models are available on service vehicles to enable faster response and higher first-time-fix rates. Replacement modules can be supplied from stock for overnight delivery to customers in remote locations for installation by their on-site technicians.

Depending on specific model and configuration, the chargers are available in single and three-phase versions with outputs from 12 to 80V. They can be free-standing or wall-mounted, providing operators with complete flexibility to configure charge-and-change areas for the best possible use of space and accessibility. An on-board screen provides a simple user interface while the built-in USB port supports connectivity with additional service equipment and allows historical operational data to be downloaded for further analysis and reporting.

The chargers comply with the latest EN61000-3-2 regulations which aim to reduce electromagnetic interference and pollution to mains supplies. They have also been tested in extreme conditions of cold, dry heat and damp heat and comply with the latest EN60068 climatic standards.

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