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Independent IP distributor to introduce system which allows any camera to provide in-depth, insightful retail analytics information.


DVS, the UK’s fastest growing specialist distributor of IP surveillance equipment, has entered into an agreement with San Francisco-based Prism Skylabs which will see DVS distribute their cutting-edge retail analytics and visual merchandising cloud service in the UK. Prism Skylabs allows any surveillance camera to be used to provide powerful analytics, including dwell, footfall and product lift – all while using only 1% of the bandwidth required for a HD network camera.

DVS managing director Shaun Bowie said the availability of Prism Skylabs in the UK opens up exciting new opportunities for installers and a wealth of business information for retailers.

“We’re thrilled to be bringing Prism Skylabs to the UK,” Mr Bowie said. “It offers the scope to expand surveillance systems beyond security use, to expand system value by proactively assisting with marketing and business analysis, helping to increase profits and productivity. For retailers Prism Skylabs provides rapid return on investment, and for installers there is the opportunity to work with their customers’ marketing departments as well as their traditional security contacts.”

Prism Skylabs transforms any in-store video camera into a visual merchandising, auditing and business intelligence tool that can be accessed from any device. It brings the full in-store environment to retailers’ mobile devices and laptops, empowering employees with the ability to:

• Remotely audit any display, brand or promotion in real time

• Understand customer movement and product interaction

• A/B test store design and optimise merchandising

• Count customers and measure conversion

All of this is available to retailers on demand, in privacy-protected visual summaries and easy-to-understand images and reports.

Bob Cutting, SVP of Sales & Operations at Prism Skylabs, said: “We’re delighted with this opportunity to partner with DVS and to be part of a new and innovative approach to the combination of retail security and business analysis in the UK. DVS has an excellent reputation for technical know-how and customer care, and we’re looking forward to working closely with them to introduce the advantages of Prism Skylabs to the UK retail market.”

Watch a video introducing Prism Skylabs at: watch?v=ZvTzxTwK6to

Retailers interested in Prism Skylabs should contact the DVS sales team: An approved DVS partner will then be in touch to discuss their requirements.



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