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With Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd being dubbed as the busiest days on the roads, Asda is making sure all its 229 new Asda Express petrol forecourts are sufficiently stocked, for those looking for last minute gifts and travel essentials when driving home for Christmas.

Alcohol is being tipped by Asda as the most popular last minute gifting item, with the retailer expected to sell over 12,000 bottles of booze in its smaller format stores, with beer making up the most of this at over 9,000 boxes.

Asda is also planning to sell over 6,000 chocolate gifting items, including Cadbury Heroes, Milk Tray and Roses as well as Lindt classics such as the bear, Santa and balls.

Mince pies are also expected to be a popular gift, with the retailer planning to sell 7,000 boxes. The Asda Yule Logs, that are a tasty addition to any festive feast, are also predicted to sell well at 1,600 boxes on their own.

Sales of these confectionary and alcohol lines are predicted to increase even further on Christmas day itself, in the handful of stores open to the public on the big day.

And, for any cold weather travel essentials, Asda Express stores have also got you covered. The retailer is expecting to sell over 4,000 units of dicer and ice scrapers in the days leading up to Christmas as well as 9,000 pints of screen wash.

When it comes to stocking up on snacks for festive journeys, Asda has revealed the most popular items in different regions across the UK. According to weekly sales data, northerners a fan of a sweet treat – with Cadburys Dairy Milk being the most popular non-essential item.

In Central England, shoppers favor a salty snack, with Walkers Crisps coming out on top of the snack purchases and for the Southeast, a refreshing can of Coca-Cola tops the list.

However, travelers in the Southwest seem to be much more health-conscious, shunning crisps and chocolates in favor of fruit, with their top snack revealed as a Banana.

Earlier this year, Asda accelerated its move into the convenience market with the announcement that it had kicked off its conversion of 119 Co-op convenience stores and attached petrol stations.

The retailer also completed its acquisition of EG Group in October, which also sees 356 convenience stores on petrol forecourts be converted to Asda Expresses. The retailer has made significant progress on these conversions, with a record number of opening taking place in December.

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