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Food, drink and grocery retailers should diversify their subscription box services to ensure longevity with their core subscription base. Research from digital research specialists Sherwen Studios has discovered that a third of all current subscribers (34%) will spend between £15-39.99 per month, while 10% will happily spend between £40-64.99 per month. Brands could use this data to create deluxe or luxury variations of their retail subscription boxes to widen out to new audiences.

Sherwen Studios have explored the topic of retail subscription commerce in their latest white paper, titled “The future of subscription commerce is up for renewal.” Working in partnership with research and analytics firm YouGov, the company has surveyed more than 2,000 UK adults to establish what customer expectations and opinions are regarding subscription boxes.

The research has revealed that despite the cost-of-living crisis, UK adults are still willing to invest in regular subscription boxes, as long as they continue to deliver something new, and offer value for money.

Key findings from the report highlighted that while the majority of current subscribers (34%) are looking for affordable subscription boxes retailing between £15-£39.99 each month, disposable income is available for luxury, high-end options. One in ten current subscribers would admit to spending anywhere between £65 and £149.99* each month on a subscription box. Conversely, there is also big demand for low budget options, with 15% of current subscribers spending less than £9.99 each month on a subscription box.

Sherwen Studios believe that food and drink brands could learn from this; either by developing a series of affordable, value-for-money subscription box options, or by diversifying into luxury, high-end curated boxes.

By differentiating between a standard and an enhanced subscription package, there is potential to create a wider pool of potential subscribers.

What’s more, using a flexible, self-managed platform that allows customers to upscale, or downsize, their subscription easily could increase the lifetime value of each customer, reduce customer acquisition costs and improve your bottom line.

Matt Sherwen, owner of Sherwen Studios explains:

“Over the last two years, subscription commerce has exploded in popularity, but customer churn is a continual worry for brands as a customer can choose to drop out of your sales funnel at any opportunity. The increased prices everywhere means that customers are paying close attention to their finances, so it’s essential to find ways to demonstrate that you are offering a subscription service that offers genuine value for money and matches their budget.”

“Undoubtedly subscription box packages are here to stay because they offer convenience to customers. But what needs to change is the way that retailers approach their subscription strategies. Rather than a singular ‘one size fits all’ approach, we want to encourage brands to diversify their subscription boxes. By creating different price point packages, you can widen up your target audience base, helping to increase new customers, while also maintaining your current subscribers. With the right technical foundations, your customers could also choose to easily switch between variations at the click of a button.”

Sherwen Studios white paper, “The future of subscription commerce is up for renewal” combines in-depth research into customer expectations of subscription commerce with the technical solutions needed to match those requirements. 

As digital retail specialists, Sherwen Studios work with national retail brands including ScS, Booker, Londis and Premier.

Sherwen Studio’s latest white paper, “The future of subscription commerce is up for renewal” can be downloaded directly from

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