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Nathalie Rogue, Bostik category manager: Retailers can help make the most of “back to school” demand by stocking a selection of craft and stationery adhesives that offer a range of useful applications.

blu-tackoriginal[1]Of course, given its versatility Blu Tack is a mainstay of the school pencil case and is available in traditional blue and white colours. Glue sticks, such as Bostik Blu Stick is also a great addition as it is ideal for crafting uses with paper and card. The product initially shows up blue to indicate where it has been applied, and dries clear for a tidy finish.

We also produce adhesive Foam Pads, Glu Dots and Tape Discs that offer a tidy “no scissors” way to stick a wide range of materials and are great for projects such as card making, collages and model making.

Alongside products such as these, we’ve found our Sew Simple fabric adhesive makes a great cross sell opportunity. It’s designed to help make lasting repairs to clothes such as school uniforms quicker and easier, so it’s ideal for placing on a clip strip next to the wider back to school range of stationery and of course in clothing departments next to uniforms, sports kit and the like.

Bostik Launches Blu Tack Social Media Campaign

Leading adhesive specialist Bostik has launched a new social media campaign for its Blu Tack range of stationery and craft products.

Including features and reviews on popular family blogs and a new Facebook page, the activity will increase consumer engagement with the well-known brand and raise awareness across the full range of products.

Blog coverage will generate content based around key themes such as summer holiday crafting, back to school and Christmas, whilst the Facebook page is designed to appeal to young parents with hints, tips and ideas to keep children entertained.

Matt Hicks, Bostik communications manager, said: “We feel social media is a great fit for Blu Tack. The investment in online content and a new Facebook page allows us to support retailers by increasing awareness and engagement for Blu Tack stationery and craft adhesives.”

The Blu Tack Facebook page can be accessed here:

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