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Having taken the rapidly growing bubble tea market by storm with a growing nationwide network of stores, Bubbleology has now partnered with Aimia Foods to launch into the grocery market.

Leading bubble tea brand, Bubbleology, which up until now has only been available to buy in Bubbleology stores, will now be available for consumers to purchase and create at home for the first time. Launched into grocery by Aimia Foods under a brand license agreement, shoppers can now find the much-loved bubble tea drink on shelves in the form of two mixology kits and two single serve packs.

Consumers will be able to choose from passionfruit and raspberry fruit teas with popping boba pearls, or taro and brown sugar milk teas with caramelised tapioca pearls. Each of the products will contain jumbo straws, essential for enjoying those iconic pearls. Quick, easy and fun to prepare, each flavour has been developed to recreate the Bubbleology experience in the home.  Inside the kits will be a QR code, (when scanned by shoppers) will lead to a video instructing how to make the teas.

Aimia Foods see the kits ideally suited for the tea and coffee aisles, which will each retail at £8.50 and creating 4 bubble teas. The single serves will retail at £2.29.

Laura Mallon, Innovation Marketing Manager at Aimia Foods, commented: “Whilst bubble tea is still relatively new in the UK, there is a rapidly growing appetite for it and a gap in the market for consumers to be able to make their own bubble tea at home. Not only does its flavour and texture set it so far apart from anything in any supermarket aisle currently, but the actual process of creating a bubble tea also provides a unique appeal, generating excitement and novelty.”

Laura continued, “With a listing in a major retailer we are excited to be partnering with Bubbleology on this launch. We’re anticipating lots of excitement around the launch, not just amongst Bubbleology fans, but also amongst consumers who are looking to discover the delicious science of bubble tea”.

Assad Khan, Bubbleology Founder and CEO, said, “Our brand has grown to become the UK’s favourite bubble tea. By giving consumers the opportunity to create bubble teas at home it extends reach with our fans, building awareness and loyalty. We are constantly evolving, developing, and enhancing our menu, our stores and everything we do, a grocery range was the natural next step for Bubbleology”

With over 25 production lines across 225,000 sq. ft of product site space, Aimia Foods has a broad range of manufacturing capabilities, with BRC A+ certification and food standards approval from multiple UK retailers.

Aimia Foods pack, manufacture and distribute a wide range of food and beverage products in a number of different packaging formats, with particular specialism in blending and manufacturing ambient, dry, powder-based products. Aimia Foods’ brands include, Horlicks, Drink me Chai, and Shmoo, among others.

Bubbleology is a leading Bubble Tea brand, crafting made to order tea-based beverages that are 100% vegetarian and are made using freshly brewed organic tea accredited by Soil Association. The brand offers a wide range of milk alternatives including organic soya milk, organic almond milk and organic whole milk, as well as light versions drinks. The brand is set to grow to 50 sites within the next twelve months, with locations in both Western Europe and the USA.

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