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Berry Systems have installed safety barriers from their wide range at the new Co-operative Group Regional Distribution Centre at Avonmouth, near Bristol. The 435,780 square foot (40,485 sq m) state of the art facility is conveniently located near to junction 18 of the M5 and so ideally placed to distribute goods to 482 Co-operative stores in the Bristol, North Somerset and South Wales area.


For the Co-operative Group only the best was good enough and the building has achieved an “Excellent” BREEAM rating and features a high efficiency heating system, low water use fittings and rainwater harvesting. The same demand for excellence obviously applies when it comes to the safety of their employees and the protection of stock, plant and equipment. Berry Systems safety barriers have been installed extensively both inside and outside the RDC. The access roads are lined with Berry Barrier Rails mounted on semi-flexible Flexi-Posts. In the vehicle waiting areas power cables have been cleverly integrated into the barrier. Post extensions have been mounted to every other post which have been used to mount power outlets. This allows refrigerated vehicles to connect easily and quickly to an external power source while minimising the amount of loose cabling needed. The Flexi-Posts give greater protection if a reversing vehicle doesn’t quite stop in time thereby avoiding damage to the barrier, the power cables and the HGVs. Berry Systems also installed a number of exterior bollards to protect doorways and other access points and further barriers to protect fuel storage and other plant.

Inside the distribution centre, structural columns benefit from Berry’s spring steel column protection units that flex on impact to minimise damage to fork lift or pallet trucks while providing complete impact protection to the column. Goods doorways have Berry’s steel “goal posts” and pedestrian walkways are guarded by Berry handrail systems with low level “fork” protection. Other areas have Berry’s unique double rail system mounted on spring steel buffers that creates an impenetrable but flexible barrier from ground level to a height of 610 mm. In the milk storage area these have been custom enhanced with a small ground level channel that contains any spillages and prevents them from seeping under the barrier.


Berry steel rack protectors have been installed to the racking ends with high visibility yellow stripes that aid visual awareness. Loading bays are protected by a combination of bollards and bright yellow wheel guides.

Developers Gallan Group and Stoford working with main contractor Volker Fitzpatrick handed the centre over to the Co-operative Group for the final fit out prior to the official opening which took place on 9th November 2012.

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