belVita, the UK’s number one healthier* biscuit brand[i], is proud to announce its partnership with food charity FareShare as part of its mission to help fight food insecurity, with a brand-new initiative ‘Give a Smile**’.

Currently in the UK, 13.3 million people don’t know where their next meal is coming from, with 3 million adults reported to have gone without food for an entire day due to affordability or access issues[ii]. Through its partnership with the charity, belVita will donate up to 100,000 meals to help make a difference to those in need.

belVita’s ‘Give a Smile’ campaign aims not only to donate meals to FareShare but to start conversations and inspire further action to address food insecurity.

Innovative interactive facial recognition billboards are at the heart of the initiative, with donations to FareShare collected through ‘smiles’ registered at the billboards located across the country.

Amy Lucas, Brand Manager for belVita at Mondel?z International, says: At belVita, we believe in the power of positive energy. It is part of our brand ethos, where our nutritious wholegrains deliver positive energy. So, we want to use the power of positivity to help raise donations for FareShare.

“We understand that even the smallest of actions such as smiling at a stranger can make their day ‘that’ much better, which inspired us to use the power of a smile to spread positivity, helping others in need.

“Retailers can get involved by stocking up on the full belVita product range to drive awareness of ‘Give a Smile’ and by encouraging shoppers to head to the belVita Give a Smile website or look out for the billboards near stores to help fight food poverty.”

The new initiative from belVita is live from Monday, 4th September. 

*As defined by Nielsen

** Thank you for your smile. As part of this campaign, for each smile you give, we are donating a meal* to FareShare [registered charity number1100051] to help fight food poverty. 25p funds the redistribution of the equivalent of one meal, as calculated based on WRAP’s guidance of 420g. A minimum donation of 80,000 equivalent meals has been agreed, capped at a maximum of 100,000 equivalent meals. The promotion dates are 4th September 2023 until 30th October 2023.

[i] Nielsen, total coverage, value sales to 12.03.22

[ii] FareShare

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