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Adande® has supplied a refrigerated drawer system to the Bateel boutique café in New Bond Street, West London.

DSCF0643_RTBateel has 35 outlets, in 16 different countries, specialising in gourmet dates with 22 different varieties of the fruit. The New Bond Street boutique café also offers a broad range of speciality chocolate, confectionery, patisserie, ice cream and savouries, together with a variety of hot and cold drinks, for its discerning clientele.

Operating at frozen food temperatures, the Adande® drawer system is used for the storage of ingredients such as fruit, yoghurt and ice cream. The drawer unit is built into the café’s counter, providing temperature controlled storage at the point of service and eliminating the need for staff to leave the workstation to fetch ingredients.

The unique and patented Adande® refrigerated system features an insulated drawer and an innovative modified air flow pattern, which deliver high efficiency cooling, as well as accurate and stable temperature control, no matter how frequently the drawer is opened.

Bateel’s Deputy General Manager – Europe, Alf Hunter, reported that the Adande® drawer system provided an ideal solution for the specific requirements of the operation.

“Upright freezers simply aren’t suitable for our boutique café operations, where floor space is at a premium. Having the drawer built into the service counter not only makes the best use of floor space, but also has positive implications for staff efficiency. The Adande® system has the edge over other manufacturers’ drawer systems in terms of energy performance, stable temperatures and the robust drawer slide assembly.”

Since installing the unit at its New Bond Street outlet, Bateel has taken delivery of two Adande® drawer systems at its concession within Harrods, one of which is used for chilled storage and the other for frozen food.

Mr Hunter’s faith in the Adande® drawer system is demonstrated by the company’s proposals for future café development: “We are planning to roll out the units across our global estate.”

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