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January’s all about hitting the ground running, right? New year, new gym, new running trainers, new diet, new you… But don’t we all secretly wish we were still tucked up in bed watching Christmas movies?

Well, high protein cereal company SURREAL has decided to tap into this, with some of the laziest adverts you’ll see this year.

Instead of the motivational quotes and toned fitness models you’d expect  to see from a protein company, SURREAL’s adverts are covered with typos, stick figures, Microsoft WordArt, and the simple claim that “We can’t be bothered”.

The adverts certainly look different to the usual January fitness types, and they’ve gone down a storm on social media, with people calling it the funniest campaign of the year. Admittedly, there’s not much competition on January 4th.

SURREAL have continued the laziness in the comments, responding to people’s tongue-in-cheek feedback with replies like “cba”.

Now we just have to hope people will be bothered enough to actually buy their cereal…

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