Supermarkets and convenience stores dealing with large inflows and outflows of goods on a daily basis require structure and organisation to maintain their functionality. Often difficult due to the busyness of these environments, grocers can tackle this by integrating smart packaging solutions into their supply chains to aid the fast-functioning of their dynamic settings.

Intended especially for grocers, Kite’s bale arm crates are one such product facilitating organisation thanks their wealth of practical features. Extendable bale arms provide a comfortable handle for employees to hold on to when moving goods and also act as a dual purpose element, enabling stacking when extended and nesting when retracted. Their rigid construction aids safe and reliable stacking when filled while small ventilation holes in the sides make the crates ideal for keeping food fresh, perfect for supermarkets.

Made from regran polymer, these crates contain 100% recycled content, are fully recyclable and reduce packaging waste thanks to their reusability. Lightweight in nature, Kite’s bale arm crates also ensure minimised strain for those using them. This all-round reliable product is built to withstand heavy items, provide moisture resistance and hard-wearing protection as well as retaining space and enabling efficient transportation of goods within workspaces.

Similarly economic, Kite’s patented pallet boxes provide an end-to-end system for storing and transporting goods, eliminating the need pallets altogether. As a result, they can be lifted directly using forklifts, pump trucks, or a specially designed plastic box lifter. Owing to their sturdy design, these pallet boxes can be reused a multitude of times, reducing packaging waste for grocers looking to operate sustainably whilst aiding SKU rationalisation and offering economic benefits.

Working perfectly as a transit system, the individual pallet boxes are ideal for moving goods in bulk once stacked on top of each other. Up to six boxes can be double stacked together and moved as one unit. Like Kite’s bale arm crates, these boxes also nest within each other to conserve storage space when not in use.

Now is the perfect time for grocers to begin thinking about stocking up on Easter goods to ensure meeting the huge demand for these products. The aforementioned products provide an all-in-one storage and transit solution for these goods, offering protection, efficiency and optimisation of logistics for the smooth and organised functioning of any grocer.

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