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The new range will help to bridge the fibre gap1 for the 91% of us that don’t eat enough of this important carbohydrate 

Research shows that nearly all Brits (94%) try to eat healthily and pay attention to the food they eat, yet 91% of people still don’t eat enough fibre in the UK2. 

Fibre is a crucial type of carbohydrate which helps to prevent conditions later in life such as heart disease & Type 2 Diabetes, so to help the UK’s fibre deficiency issue, leading gut health yoghurt brand Activia is launching Activia Fibre which includes three delicious and unique new flavours:

  • Walnut & Oats: A hearty blend of deliciously creamy yoghurt, crunchy walnuts and wholegrain oats
  • Apple & Cereals: A lovely yoghurt with a mix of cereals, walnuts and delicious apple
  • Muesli: A tasty mixture of cereals, nuts and raisins in a velvety yoghurt texture

An exciting subrange of the brand’s existing range of gut-enriching3 yoghurts, Activia Fibre helps to support gut health4 whilst not compromising on the velvety texture and delicious taste.

The products are first launching on Amazon Fresh & in-store at Waitrose and will be available to buy from 25th June starting from £2.75.

Perfect as a great way to kick start the day or, as a snack for the mid-afternoon slump, each little pot  contains billions of live cultures, calcium and provides a vital source of fibre which contributes to your daily recommended fibre intake*.

With each yoghurt containing nearly 10%5 of your recommended daily intake of fibre*, the new range offers a delicious solution in helping Brits to solve their fibre intake needs.

“UK guidelines recommend that we should be aiming to consume at least 30g of fibre a day, so the launch of our new Activia Fibre range comes at a crucial time in the industry following the paucity of fibre intake amongst UK adults.  We know that both taste & nutritional benefits are paramount to consumers in today’s market, and the Activia Fibre range will not only satisfy their tastebuds but also add to consumers’ daily fibre intake, whilst maintaining the strong gut health credentials across our other ranges – Zoë-Marie Ellis, Head of Nutrition & Science Communication at?Danone?UK & Ireland

The new range will be rolled out across retailers, both online & in-store, over the coming weeks & months, available in 4-packs at an RRP of £2.75.  The range is set to launch in-store at Waitrose and online at Amazon Fresh from the 25th June, with the product to reach other major supermarkets including Sainsburys, Tesco, Co-op and Asda from July onwards.


  1. Live cultures in yoghurt or fermented milk improve lactose digestion of the product in individuals who have difficulty digesting lactose.
  2. Action on Fibre | The Food & Drink Federation (
  3. Danone’s Consumer Nutrition Survey, ‘Consumer Attitudes to Healthy Nutrition, September 2022. N=1,054. Data conducted by Toluna consumer panel on behalf of Danone between 31 August and 5 September 2022, polling 1054 adults aged 18+ across the UK
  4. Activia contains calcium which contributes to the normal function of digestive enzymes. Enjoy as part of a varied, balanced diet & healthy lifestyle.
  5. Each Yoghurt pot contain 2.3g of fibre

* In line with UK and Irish dietary guidelines.

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