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You’re coming down with a cold, and you need to keep going. And if you’re an older person with aching joints, made worse by the cold weather, you want to treat yourself and get relief quickly rather than go on feeling uncomfortable.

chazAs the cold weather sets in and shoppers start to feel under the weather, supermarkets, co-ops and convenience store chains need to make sure their shelves stay stocked with a broad range of winter remedies, including RB’s cold treatments, featured in this page, and Litozin+ natural joint care products from Axellus, also highlighted here.

Winter remedies represent a healthy opportunity for multiple grocers. Cold treatments and herbal and natural remedies are two mature markets, in which shoppers are extremely knowledgeable and sophisticated, knowing from experience which products work best for them. Supermarkets, Co-ops and c-store chains are winning sales of both sets of products from pharmacies as consumers gain confidence about self-selection.

The average person catches between two and five colds a year, which means retailers can be sure of healthy sales of cold remedies, analgesics, tissues, thermometers, vapour rubs and all the things shoppers drag themselves into the store to buy.

Keeping shelves full with RB’s cold care products from October through to the end of February will make sure you maximise sales right through the season. Around two thirds of sales for cold and flu medicines take place each year between November and February, making these months particularly important.

Cold weather is also well known to aggravate the problem of aching joints in older people. The multiple grocery channel accounts for 80% of sales of herbal and natural joint health products such as Litozin+. If consumers can see them on shelf during their visit to the supermarket, they will buy them, and will also shop the fixture for other products during their visit.

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