Atishoo! Bless you! Coughs, colds, sore throats and flu spell misery for millions of consumers every autumn and winter, and put employers under pressure to keep going with people off sick. But for multiple grocery retailers, these common ailments mean healthy sales and profits, and better still they are major traffic builders into the bargain. So give your customers the relief they seek this winter, by stocking a strong selection of branded winter remedies from RB and other major suppliers.

chazAt this time of year the pressure is on busy consumers to stay fit and well, fight off the lurgi and carry on working. People who aren’t able to take time off and go to bed with a cold, such as mums, carers, key workers and the self-employed, are especially likely to dose themselves up and soldier on, with the help of proven remedies, taken at the first sign of a cold or sore throat.

This drive that so many of us have to keep going despite feeling unwell ensures that winter remedies are strong sellers, both for large supermarkets and smaller, convenience format stores. Convenience format stores should stay stocked with a selection of winter remedies alongside their other ‘must have’ healthcare items; larger supermarkets with in-store pharmacies and self-selection areas for over the counter medicines and related healthcare items are well placed to offer their customers a full offering of winter remedies which will save the shopper a trip to the high street pharmacy.

If they see it, they’ll buy it. Merchandising related healthcare items next to winter remedies will prompt valuable secondary purchases. Many consumers who come into the store to buy remedies for seasonal ailments are also likely during their visit to buy related products such as tissues and analgesics, vitamins and mineral supplements and even thermometers.

Stock the right items in the right place, and the consumers will happily cough up the cash. Seasonal remedies are less likely to be bought on price than other grocery items – the shopper needs access to the remedy right now.

There are a variety of over-the-counter seasonal medicines for every need. Cold & Flu and sore throat exist in combination for the majority of recent illness occasions. Research quoted by RB shows that, on their last sore throat occasion, 83% of patients suffered from a sore throat with cold and flu symptoms. This makes combination medicines all the more attractive for retailers and customers.

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