Cole’s have been making top quality Christmas puddings for over 75 years and are selling them to an ever increasing audience. What is the secret of their success? “It is because we only use top quality ingredients and traditional methods of manufacture to make our puddings” says Mark Jackson, Sales Manager of the Saffron Walden based master bakers.
Unlike most other pudding makers, Cole’s bake the bread, which is the foundation of a good pudding, on their own premises. This ensures that it is of the right quality to be allowed to age and then ground down to provide the base of the pudding. Add to this, the best ingredients from around the world such as Californian raisins, Turkish sultanas and West Indian sugar and spices, mixed with top quality oil and you have a real recipe for success.

Cole’s do not use mass market methods of manufacture but prefer to use the tried and tested techniques of the past, when pudding making was an art. The recipes are hand mixed and then slowly cooked in traditional ovens for up to 8 hours, all the while being kept moist by gentle steam injection.
The results of the above are a range of delicious puddings which can have a shelf life of up to one year and yet can be cooked in a microwave in minutes. “Whilst we embrace the best practices of the past, we are happy that our customers can sample the fruits of our labours in a matter of minutes” says Mark Jackson.


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