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  • Launch comes as the business triples sales of its existing sugar alternatives compared to pre-pandemic levels
  • Product available in tablet and as pouch-enclosed powder, offering consumers convenience at home and on the go – all presented in recyclable packaging.
  • Sweetener will replace Tate & Lyle Sugars existing food service sweetener, Zucro, at many of the UK’s most visited coffee shops and retail destinations

Tate & Lyle Sugars has launched a low-calorie Sucralose Sweetener to offer consumers choice more when it comes to preparing drinks, and sprinkling on breakfast favourites, all without the need to compromise on taste, perceived indulgence or to spend more.

The British brand, experts in sweetness, worked tirelessly to ensure the product meets key consumer needs, which include being able to dissolve the sweetener easily in hot drinks, avoid frothing, a texture close to real cane sugar and to make for simple sprinkling over dishes such as cereal and fruit.

This new sweetener will be available in both tablet and resealable pouch form, offering consumers versatility and making it easy to take the product ‘on the go’. The pouch format is more concentrated to offer a cost saving, meaning consumers need to use less product to deliver the same amount of sweetness. Furthermore, the resealable pouch is recyclable, uses less packaging material than a traditional bag or box, and takes up less space on the shelf for retailers.

Tate & Lyle Sugars has experience in the sweeteners market, with its Zucro brand widely available in food service retailers nationwide, including at Costa Coffee and Greggs. The launch of this new Sucralose Sweetener heralds the retirement of the Zucro brand, with existing stock to be replaced with Tate & Lyle’s Sugars new offering from now.

Sandra Gonilho, Marketing Manager, for Tate & Lyle Sugars, said: “As sugar innovators since 1878, we understand everything there is to know about creating the perfect sweetness for your coffee, or sprinkling on your cereal and desserts. 

“With our British heritage and knowledge, we hope consumers can feel confident about making balanced choices and enjoy the control using sweetener offers, at home, on the go and when making a food service purchase.

“We’ve seen a growing trend towards consumers regularly opting for sweetener; the market is now worth over £55M per year and accounts for almost a fifth of the total sugar market value.

“This share is growing year on year, for example, sales of our existing food service-led sweetener brand have grown by 300% in volume compared to pre-Covid-19 levels, with this sales trend expected to continue as consumers remain focused on exercising greater control of their diets.”

The new Tate and Lyle Sugars pouch contains 75g sweetener and has an RSP of £1.80, while the 300-count tablet dispenser has an RSP of £2.00. Both are available now in-store and online via Asda and Sainsburys, with a rollout via the Co-Op to follow in January 2024.

For more information, please visit or follow Tate & Lyle on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook.

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