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Plant-Powered choccy brand BUTTERM!LK unveils its latest guilt-free treat – the 93 calorie Double Choccy Snack Bar. The new plant-powered nougat bar has delicious crispy bits, is high in fibre, and at under 100 calories, we believe it‘s the first of its kind on the market. The Double Choccy Snack Bar will be launching exclusively into Sainsbury’s from 14 September.

The Double Choccy Bar is a symphony of flavours and textures – containing crispy bits, thoughtfully scattered throughout the nougat, providing a satisfying crunch that complements the rich and velvety choccy outer layer. Perfect to satisfy that afternoon craving with something tasty, but not too naughty.

The Double Choccy Nougat Bar is not only dairy free and vegan friendly but is also free of gluten and palm oil. Butterm!lk believes that everyone should be able to enjoy exceptional-tasting treats without compromising on personal ethics, dietary requirements, or taste. It’s the ultimate afternoon treat without the guilt.

“We believe in creating treats that are not only irresistibly delicious but also align with the values of our conscious consumers,” says Tracey McDonnell-Goad, Founder of BUTTERM!LK. “We wanted to create something to meet that moment when your teeth get bored in the afternoon, and you need a little treat without feeling too naughty. Plus, the added fibre benefits which is something we as a nation need a little more of in our diets.”

The Double Choccy bar will be available exclusively at select Sainsbury’s stores across the nation from 14 September for an RRR of £3.00 for a multi-pack of three bars.

Founded in 1964, the confectionery brand makes award-winning, ‘feel-good’ plant-powered choccy that brings people together. Butterm!lk choccies are dairy-free and expertly made from natural ingredients, so there’s no excuse not to share.

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