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Fairy launches new energy-saving initiatives in latest campaign, encouraging the nation to reevaluate their dishwashing habits to save time, energy and money. By choosing to #SwitchToShort with Fairy Platinum Plus, or #WashCooler with Fairy Max Power, consumers can make notable savings, without compromising on a brilliant clean. 

A switch from normal/auto to short cycles can save up to 33% more dishwashing energy* – the equivalent of £27 per year on household dishwashing energy bills** – according to Energy Saving Trust who independently reviewed the energy-saving claims.  

For those who prefer to wash by hand, Energy Saving Trust confirmed that by washing in cooler water***, Brits can save up to 50% of the energy used to wash the dishes*. 

Independent research by Fairy**** has further revealed reducing household costs is a top priority for consumers across the United Kingdom as cost of living prices continue to increase, with 80% of consumers looking to save money on their bills by reducing their energy usage in the home.  

When it comes to their daily dishwashing habits, 46% of consumers choose to use energy and cost-efficient settings on their dishwashers. Of those surveyed, 43% admit to being on autopilot and just wanting to get the job done, sticking to the settings they have always used. 

But these habits don’t come without compensating behaviours, as just over half (53%) of people have to re-run their dishwasher at least once a week because the clean isn’t good enough. 

Dishwashing failures are too common. And it is causing too much waste in time, energy and money. 

Addressing this, Fairy’s latest campaigns #SwitchToShort and #WashCooler were created to encourage the nation to make household savings by making small changes to their regular dishwashing habits. Helping consumers make the change, the Fairy Platinum Plus and Fairy Max Power formulas have been specifically designed to give a great clean, even on short cycles or in cool water, giving consumers the confidence to switch and still achieve Fairy’s brilliant clean.  

Ayca Turgay, Communications Director at Procter & Gamble UK said: 

“As energy costs continue to rise, we wish to help consumers reduce their energy bills quickly and effectively through easy household routine changes. Our energy-saving campaign provides education and guidance to help consumers make small changes to their daily dishwashing routines that result in real savings for their families. We are committed to create products that make everyday chores simple, quick and easy. With Fairy Platinum Plus it’s effortless for consumers to start saving and make the switch to short while still getting Fairy’s best clean. For our hand washers, Fairy Max Power is formulated to work even in cool water, so they can save energy without compromising on a brilliant clean” 

Commenting on the partnership, Angela Howarth, Director of Marketing and Communications from Energy Saving Trust said:  

“With people continuing to face high bills, we know that many are already taking steps to save energy around the home. We hope that this campaign will highlight how small, simple changes can make a difference to help save energy and reduce energy bills.” 

#SwitchToShort with Fairy Platinum Plus: How it works.  

Designed to work as soon as the capsule hits the water, Fairy Platinum Plus works on tough cleaning challenges even in more efficient cycles – including short cycles which get the job done 4 x quicker. 

The technology behind the clean:  

  • New FastClean System for faster action on baked-on, burnt-on, greasy or starchy food. No need to pre-rinse or pre-soak!
  • Fairy Platinum Plus comes with upgraded cleaning surfactants which activate at lower temperatures to start working fast, removing soils and grease alongside a proprietary blend of cleaning enzymes hold on to dirt and prevent it redepositing back on dishes.
  • A new QuickDry Technology works to repel water droplets for faster drying and a better finished clean. 

#WashCooler with Fairy Max Power:  

Fairy Max Power is formulated to cut through grease and grime, even in cool water, so you can turn down the tap and save up to 50% of dishwashing energy, without compromising on a brilliant clean. The added Anti-leak technology and dosing will help you get the job done quicker – with no time wasted ‘last dropping’. 

*Energy Saving Trust has independently reviewed the energy-saving claims. 

**Short cycles vs regular/normal dishwasher cycles. Short cycle defined as ? 55min.

*** When reducing water temperature for manual dishwashing from 43ºC to 23ºC

****One Poll online survey on behalf of P&G, January 2023, 2000 UK Homeowners and renters.

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