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Family-owned Empire Bespoke Foods, a speciality food importer, distributor and food brand owner, is capitalising on the growing Japanese food trend with new listings for S&B Foods in Tesco and Morrisons.

S&B, which celebrated its 100th anniversary this year, was the first company to successfully manufacture curry powder in Japan and it went on to invent wasabi in a tube, which helped drive the Japanese cuisine around the world.

Its iconic S&B Golden Curry will be available in Morrisons from July and in Tesco from September. The Golden Curry and Wasabi paste will also be available in Aldi and Lidl periodically as special buys.

The current S&B range, Golden Curry (medium and hot); Wasabi Paste in a tube, Yuzu paste and Tofu Miso soup are currently available at Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and Ocado.

World cuisine has flourished in Britain since the pandemic with a particular interest in Japanese flavours in the build up to and following on from the Tokyo Olympics, and with 44% of world food eaters interested in Japanese cuisines, it looks like a trend that’s here to stay.

A growing awareness of Japanese culture, cooking as a hobby, planning themed feasts at weekend and the perception of Japanese food being seen as healthy have contributed to the growth in Japanese flavours.

Upuli Ambawatta Brand Manager at Empire Bespoke Foods said: “S&B Foods provides a true taste of Japan and provides customers with the means to recreate traditional dishes using Japanese flavours at home. We are pleased with the new listings as it allows more people to be adventurous with world cuisine.”

Sushi is famous as a Japanese dish but in fact curry is the country’s national meal. Originating in India, curry was introduced to Japan via Europe and established its own distinct local flavour.

Under its mission to ‘bring natural life and happiness to every household’, S&B continues to innovate in the Japanese food sector and develop original products for a new generation of consumer. 

S&B Foods range

  • Golden curry Medium 92g
  • Golden Curry Hot 92g
  • Wasabi Paste in Tube 43g.
  • Wasabi Sauce 170g
  • Yuzu Paste 43g
  • Tofu Miso Soup 30g (only available in Sainsbury’s).

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