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Carte Noire’s re-launched, award-winning Classique range encapsulates the richness and aroma of great coffee in an instant. Available in both Instant and Roast and Ground, Carte Noire Classique blends pure arabica with bold creativity, to enable coffee lovers to savour life’s little luxuries each day. Delicious served black or with a dash of milk for a creamier taste, Carte Noire Classique provides a touch of French culture every day, transporting you to the cafés of Paris with every sip. 

Carte Noire Classique (Roast & Ground)

Carte Noire Classique Roast & Ground is the ideal balance of rich and smooth. Made from 100% pure arabica with a medium roast, its rich and velvety flavour with undertones of caramel is too good to miss. Ideal for cafetières of filter coffee machines, Carte Noire Classique embodies the authentic taste of French coffee.

Carte Noire Classique (Instant)

Carte Noire’s award winning Classique Instant coffee is a delicious blend of Arabica and Robusta.  With its rich aroma and revered taste, it’s a must have solution for those who want high quality coffee but are short on time. Better still, the instant range also includes a decaf variant for those who want to enjoy the irresistibly rich and velvety taste of Carte Noire, without the caffeine hit.

Synonymous with great French taste and rich in history and flavour, Carte Noire Classique’s fine arabica beans undergo extensive selection by Carte Noire’s French Master Roasters. With an ideal balance of extensive training and creative flair, they craft every cup with passion and expertise to release the finest aromas.

The Carte Noire roasting process is entirely unique, intricate and precise and is one that has been handed down through its French Master Roasters for years. Using a combination of hot and cold water helps to perfectly capture the aromas and flavours which create Carte Noire’s smoother taste and irresistible richness.

The Carte Noire Classique range includes:

CARTE NOIRE CLASSIQUE Instant 100g (available at Sainsburys, Ocado, Morrisons Waitrose and Tesco) RRP: £3.99

CARTE NOIRE CLASSIQUE Instant 200g (Sainsburys, Morrisons, Ocado) RRP: £7

CARTE NOIRE DÉCAFÉINÉ Instant 100g (Waitrose, Ocado, Sainsburys) RRP: £3.99

CARTE NOIRE CLASSIQUE Roast & Ground 250g (Waitrose, Ocado and Sainsburys) RRP: £3.49

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