tai-chi-tv-stillFollowing the recent launch of its new range of Chinese recipe kits, General Mills UK is planning a £4 million consumer advertising campaign from June.

Tai Chi is the innovative and enlightening theme of the eye-catching media campaign to support the launch of Wanchai Ferry.

Retailers are being urged to stock up on Wanchai Ferry in the build up to the media blitz, phase one of which kicks off on 1 June and runs through to the end of August.

The inspirational campaign will communicate the Wanchai Ferry message to millions of consumers and harness television, consumer press and online advertising.

The national television advertising campaign comprises 40- and 30-second executions and uses the ancient art of Tai Chi to demonstrate the mastery of cooking Wanchai Ferry.

The ad is set in a park on a beautiful sunny day. It’s a truly stunning location and the scene is colourful and tranquil. The first frame shows a close up of someone chopping vegetables, then cuts to a wider shot revealing that the person is part of a much bigger group who are all cooking Wanchai Ferry in perfect harmony. The slow, graceful movements and unity of the group symbolise a calm cooking experience, achieved through Tai Chi moves. The ad concludes by revealing the Wanchai Ferry strap-line: ‘MASTER THE ART OF CHINESE CUISINE’.

Ed Culf, Marketing Director, General Mills UK, says: “The campaign encapsulates what the Wanchai Ferry brand idea is all about. Tai Chi is very inclusive and empowering, whilst promoting self-improvement. Wanchai Ferry has been launched to move consumers on a culinary journey; taking them from low involvement functional home cooked Chinese meals to more pleasurable, highly creative solutions.

“The outdoor setting and sounds of nature perfectly reflect Wanchai Ferry’s freshness and realness cues. As well as creating awareness, the television ad will enhance their understanding and reassure consumers that cooking Chinese food with Wanchai Ferry is a stress-free process.”

Consumer press advertising also goes live on 1 June, featuring imagery of people cooking through Tai Chi moves, ensuring an impactful, joined up campaign. The three press ads are being used to educate consumers on each of the individual recipe kits in the Wanchai Ferry range.  The schedule features high-circulation media such as national broadsheets, supplements and commuter press.

TV and print will be supplemented by a major online campaign, harnessing skyscrapers, leaderboards and MPUs, which will drive traffic to the brand’s new website – www.wanchaiferry.co.uk – where consumers can learn more about Wanchai Ferry.

Wanchai Ferry will also benefit from upweighted exposure in-store thanks to a raft of promotional activity including off-shelf displays and gondola ends in all the major multiples.

Explaining the sales benefits of the Wanchai Ferry media blitz, Andy Foweather, Sales Director for General Mills UK, says: “£4 million is the biggest marketing investment put behind a Chinese branded launch in the last five years. The potential of Wanchai Ferry for us and our retail partners is absolutely huge. That’s why we’re going all out to make it a great success.

“We did it with Old El Paso over a decade ago and we’ll do it again with Wanchai Ferry.  One of the key drivers of Old El Paso’s success has been heavyweight marketing investment.

“The television cut-through will drive awareness of Wanchai Ferry amongst consumers, whilst the press and online advertising will educate them and help them understand the brand. The promotional activity, which runs concurrently, provides the incentive and influences purchase intent. It’s so important for retailers to maximise this activity and investment by making sure they are well stocked right from the start of the campaign at the beginning of June.”

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