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Bakers Basco, a leading cooperative venture established in 2006 by Allied Bakeries, Fine Lady Bakeries, Frank Roberts & Sons, Hovis, and Warburtons to manage its equipment has officially extended its services to Northern Ireland and Scotland. This expansion marks a significant step in the company’s ongoing efforts to curb the mismanagement and misuse of their equipment.

Basco has appointed dedicated investigation teams in Northern Ireland and Scotlans to conduct site visits and monitor the regions for misplaced Omega baskets on behalf of its members. The team is committed to managing Bakers Basco’s equipment pool, working in tandem with the Audit teams. Their primary focus includes addressing illegal activities, baker mis-use, third-party misuse, retail mis-use, and instances where equipment is taken and resold on social media platforms.

Stacey Brown, national investigations manager for Bakers Basco, emphasised the importance of this expansion, stating, “Our commitment to managing and policing the use of our equipment extends beyond England. By establishing a presence in Northern Ireland and Scotland, we aim to strengthen our efforts in preventing misuse and ensuring the longevity of our equipment and to keep it in the circular economy.”

During the team’s initial outing in Northern Ireland covering Belfast, Antrim, Londonderry, Cookstown, and Bangor, Bakers Basco’s investigation manager reported significant findings. A total of 1,328 baskets (a mix of Omega, Allied, and Hovis) and 675 dollies were recovered from unsecure locations and bakeries where the equipment should not have been present. This underscores the necessity of actively addressing misuse in these areas.

Bakers Basco has enlisted legal teams to work on cases in Northern Ireland and Scotland. Worthingtons Law will be handling cases in Northern Ireland, while Livingstone Brown will oversee legal matters in Scotland. This strategic move demonstrates Basco’s commitment to taking legal action against misuse and ensuring compliance with equipment management policies.

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