Scotty Brand provider of premium seasonal Scottish produce, is revitalising the meat category with the exciting launch of Scotty Brand Bacon and Scotty Brand Scotch Beef Burgers.


Scotty Brand Bacon is slow matured Scottish back bacon, produced by Scotland’s oldest-established curers. The new Scotty bacon is made with skinless and boneless sides of 100% Specially Selected Pork Approved by the Scottish SPCA and uses the traditional Ayrshire style of curing in a secret brine recipe.

The bacon is carefully matured for up to two weeks, allowing the natural flavours to develop and infuse at their own pace. There is no added water so Scotty bacon is packed full of flavour, meaning there’s no shrinkage on cooking – only beautiful crisp bacon, which comes in both un-smoked and smoked varieties.

Michael Jarvis, marketing manager for Scotty Brand, said: “We have been working on category expansion for some time and are excited to be launching our new Scotty bacon and Premium Scotch Beef Burgers. Scotty Brand has an established reputation for delivering Scottish food that is good value low in food miles and high on taste and the new meat product launches are consistent with the quality and expertise behind our fresh produce offerings.

Michael adds: “If you take our smoked bacon product, the gentle flavour comes from using authentic wood smoking methods, some producers simply add flavouring to achieve a smoke effect but we believe that the true character of the smoked bacon can only come from using a traditional smokehouse.”

Scotty Brand’s new pepper burgers are made with Scotch Beef, minced with cracked black pepper and onion.

The burgers are made by award-winning Ayrshire butcher We Hae Meat. They contain exceptionally lean Scotch beef, more than most other burger products on the market. This lean beef ensures a much lower fat content, which means they will retain their weight and taste better when cooked.

The meat used is the highest quality, its certified Scotch Beef with Protected Geographical Indication status confirming that the beef cattle have been born, raised and processed in Scotland following stringent standards of quality and animal welfare. Only meat which complies with all these standards in Scotland can be called Scotch Beef.

Scotty Brand was first launched in 1948 by Albert Bartlett, a shipyard worker who wanted to support his family and so began boiling up beetroot in an old tin bath, selling it under Scotty Brand. Albert’s name and his values of hard work and honest endeavor live on in the family company today, as it continues to bring you the very best tasting, highest quality products from Scotland.

Scotty Brand burgers are available in Scottish Morrisons stores priced at £3.29 for a 340g pack of two burgers.  The new Scotty bacon product is in Scottish ASDA stores with an RRP circa £2.98 for a 200g pack.

Scotty Brand

Michael Jarvis, Marketing Manager

Tel: 01236 771742


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