chris-flapjacks-outdoorsSeed Stacked, a 100% natural flapjack, has sold more than a quarter of a million bars in just nine months, a statistic inventor Chris Thompson could never have dreamt of when as a professional wrestler, he was suddenly diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, an event that triggered the idea for this new, tasty snack!

Now, just 12 months since the launch of his business, Chris’ flapjack is already proving extremely popular and just four years since his initial diagnosis, 26 year old Chris is embarking on the national launch as well as launching two new flavours! After having great success in current retailers including ASDA who are taking on the two new versions, Chris is pushing the product out to all other retail chains.

Seed Stacked flapjacks are sold in over 600 retail outlets across the country and are now available from the major wholesalers. The launch of the two great new flavours – carob and yogurt topped – is down to the success of the original flapjack.

At the age of 18, Chris Thompson was set to take the world of wrestling by storm as ‘Chris Lightning’ as he began his professional wrestling career in America. Chris was however, diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, a chronic inflammatory disease – and his future wrestling career was out for the count!

Not one to take this knockout lying down, Chris began intensive research into natural ways to improve his condition and discovered that seeds have well documented health-giving properties. When he couldn’t find anything interesting or tasty to eat containing seeds he set about creating his own recipes.

The results were delicious and when the Crohn’s disease was placed in remission, Chris knew that he was on to something! He started making Seed Stacked Flapjack from his kitchen, won a national Dragon’s Den style competition and launched his new company. The product reached the 100,000th milestone in just four short months.

Chris is delighted at his success to date and excited about the national roll out: “I started this in a bid to be healthier and the flapjacks have had a massive impact. Yet they now have a wider appeal to everyone from runners to gym goers for energy, to busy mums looking for lunchbox fillers and anyone simply wanting a healthy, tasty snack.”

Chris added: “It has been an eventful journey but has ultimately had an extremely positive outcome with the start of what I hope will be a hugely successful career in developing many more new ways to introduce these vital ingredients into the diets of everyday people.”

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