St Helen’s Farm, the UK’s leading goats’ milk producer, has add two new lines to its goats’ cheese offering.


A waxed deli-wheel has been developed for the supermarket service counter and a full-flavoured, mature goats’ cheese is debuting on the fixture in distinctive packaging featuring the signature St Helen’s Farm blue.

The mature goats’ cheese (RRP £3.75 for 240g) is the first departure for the dairy from its best-selling original mild goats’ cheese and is intended to cater for cheeselovers that prefer a richer, more complex flavor.

The two cheeses were listed in most Waitrose stores before Christmas.

St Helen’s Farm Sales & Marketing Manager, Mike Hind, said: “Our original hard goats’ cheese has won a number of quality awards and it seems a natural step to cater for consumers that want a slightly stronger cheese, as an ingredient or a welcome addition to the cheeseboard.

“The1kg waxed wheel has been produced in response to consumer demand and will mean that customers can purchase a portion size that suits their needs, and appeals to those who prefer to choose and maybe even try before they buy from the service counter.”

The dairy has also announced that it will shortly be featuring the first of a number of celebrities on its milk cartons, who enjoy the benefits of a goats’ milk diet.

St Helen’s Farm

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