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Time. A precious commodity we never seem to have enough off in this demanding modern world of instant information, answers, solutions, etc. etc. It almost feels as though there is never enough time to sit back and smell the proverbial roses in the workplace, never mind considering when you can allocate time to have essential maintenance carried out in a busy warehouse. That was certainly the initial impression we were given by a client for whom we have recently completed a floor repair project.


The first obstacle that had to be negotiated was when the work was scheduled to be done. The only period that had been considered, to ensure minimum disruption to daily operations, was over the Christmas holiday. A challenge indeed, as this is the one time of the year when most people want to spend time with families and not working away from home. It was clear from the first conversation with the client that there was a problem with the warehouse floor that needed to be addressed. It was up to CG Flooring Systems to come up with a proposal that would benefit all.

The job entailed repairs to the damaged joint arrisses (slab edges), which required them being re-constructed and the installation of an effective load transfer mechanism to eliminate some rocking floor slabs.  Both defects were having a negative impact on the materials handling equipment (MHE) and subsequently the operational performance in the warehouse. It was proposed and agreed the joints should be repaired using our tried and tested Arris Repair Detail using CoGri Rapid Mender and Rapid Seal, our ultra fast curing floor repair products.  The CoGri Joint Stabilisers were to be installed to arrest the vertical deflective movement being experienced at the slabs without a suitable load transfer system. Saw cuts were inserted on either side of the damaged joints to form new arris edges, the damaged concrete was then removed, leaving a neat and tidy channel in which to apply the CoGri Rapid Mender repair mortar.  Once applied, the repair mortar was hard in just 15 minutes, a saw cut was then inserted at the centre of the repair detail to reinstate the joint, which was sealed with CoGri Rapid Seal joint sealant. The repair was finished flush with the surrounding floor profile to enable the smooth transition across the joint for the MHE.

Formed-channel-with-men-workingWhere the CoGri Joint Stabilisers were required, core holes were cut through the newly repaired joints at pre-determined intervals to ensure maximum efficiency of the joint stabilisers. The stabilisers were inserted into the core holes and locked in place using a torque wrench. The force emanating from the stabilisers locks the floor slabs together, eliminating the rocking motion and allowing the MHE to pass smoothly over the floor.

A total of 80 linear meters of Arris Repairs and 20 CoGri Joint Stabilisers were installed in just three and a half days, working alongside the customers operation with a minimum of fuss or disruption.  The strong rapport that was established with the client, coupled with good clear communication in the lead up to and during the execution of the works played no small part in the success of this project.  Engaging a specialist industrial flooring contractor was another critical ingredient to the success of the project, where information was exchanged and the solution was provided, in a timely manner. The customer received durable and superior performing floor repairs, installed by professionals that are designed to stand the test of time. And the bonus; the repairs were completed before Christmas, allowing everyone to relax and enjoy the festive holiday.

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