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Vita Coco launches new Choc-o-lot, now with fibre

RRP £1.80 (330ml)

Vita Coco, the UK’s number #1 coconut brand, has given its popular chocolate-flavoured Choc-o-lot drink a refresh, as it now comes with added fibre benefits, meaning it’s not only good for your tastebuds, but it is good for you too.

The vegan-friendly drink, which is being rolled out across major supermarkets this month, is packed with vitamin C and potassium making it a tasty, yet still nutritious drink for when a green juice just won’t hit the spot.

With its added benefits, the drink is filled with fibre goodness, which experts say can help consumers feel fuller for longer as well as aid digestion and keep our bowels healthy1.

Vita Coco’s new drink can not only be added to cereal for a breakfast twist, but it’s also low in sugar, making it ideal for those who are searching for a low sugar alternative to fruit juice but still want a chocolatey hit. Studies show that on average, 100% fruit juice contains around 20–26 grams of sugar per cup (240 ml) – which is nearly 85% higher (sugar content) than Choc-o-lot as the drink only contains 4g of sugar per 100ml of serving – making it a delicious, but healthy and guilt-free option.

Nutritionist Emma Moross says “Choc-o-lot is a perfect drink for when we don’t fancy a green juice as it’s got that chocolatey flavour so many of us love but is still low in sugar. This refreshing drink also contains vitamin C, potassium and now has the benefits of fibre included too, making it a great all-rounder for a chocolatey refreshment”. 

Choc-o-lot with fibre, (RRP 330ml, £1.80) is now being rolled out in stores across the UK including Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Co-op, Boots and convenience stores.

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