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Crown Lift Trucks has developed a remote-control with a difference for its range of order pickers, which transforms the way low-level order picking is performed. Promising enhanced productivity and less operator fatigue, the QuickPick™ Remote Advance is attached to an open glove worn by the operator to advance the truck to the next picking location, thus avoiding having to mount, drive and dismount the machine.


Available initially on the PC 4500 Series Rider Pallet Trucks, Crown’s QuickPick™ Remote Advance revolutionises low-level order picking, acknowledged within the logistics industry to be one of the most physically demanding operations. Now, at the simple press of a button on the back of his/her hand, the truck follows the operator to the next picking location – reducing physical strain and enhancing job satisfaction.

In a recent study of low-level order picking operators spent 4% of their time riding, 24% walking, 22% picking and 6% walking with a load. Most of the operator’s time was spent moving from side to side across the aisle to retrieve the product and then back to the truck to place it securely before mounting the vehicle to advance to the next location.

With the QuickPick™ Remote Advance the operator tends to position the truck ahead of where he is working, advancing it so the load is always in front of him and he never has to walk around the vehicle.

It has been estimated that constantly stepping on and off the machine to advance between storage locations can equate to climbing the stairs of a 40-storey building. When Crown monitored a typical order-picking process, first without and then with the QuickPick™ Remote Advance, with the latter throughput was improved and at the end of the shift operators were much less fatigued.

Laser guidance

Safety is assured by scanning lasers mounted on the top of the power unit which act as a combined guidance and obstacle-detection system. If anything is detected in the path of the truck it is stopped instantly. The guidance system makes minor steering corrections to keep the truck properly positioned within the aisle.

Open glove

At the picking location, the open glove design allows the operator to pick and handle products and carry out other tasks unencumbered.

Order picking – comprehensive truck range

Rider pallet trucks are the product of choice for low-level order picking, high-speed transporting and dock work and Crown offers several electric rider pallet truck models for various applications.

Best Product 2013 Award

The QuickPick™ Remote Advance was awarded “Best Product 2013” by an independent jury at LogiMAT 2013 in the “Order-Picking, Packaging, Securing” category.


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