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  • PopWorks will be debuting its first-ever TV and marketing campaign to drive awareness of the growing snack brand’s taste credentials.
  • PopWorks is completely non-HFSS and with a range of flavours, continues to offer choice.
  • The unmissable campaign and updated range look to appeal to Gen Z and Millennials, who are finding it increasingly difficult to opt for balance when snacking, without losing out on exciting flavour options[1].

This spring, PopWorks is hitting screens with its first-ever TV and digital campaign, which aims to show a new generation of snackers that balanced choices don’t have to compromise on flavour. The campaign will run from the late March until the end of May. The entire PopWorks range is now non-HFSS, tapping into growing consumer demand for balanced but taste-led snacks.

The campaign is inspired by Pop Art, and will spotlight PopWorks as an exciting brand answering current consumer trends, by offering an alternative way to snack through its variety of distinct flavours. The launch will be supported with shopper marketing, out of home as well as digital and social activations, targeting both Gen Z and Millennial audiences. This will help retailers to convert a new demographic into the better-for-you snacking segment.

Consumers are constantly looking for ways to add excitement to their snacking occasions, yet three out of four Gen Z and Millennials agree that it is not always easy to opt for balanced choices[2] when buying their snacks. PopWorks’ range reformulation not only taps into the rising demand for healthier snacking options amongst younger consumers but also delivers on the new textures and strong flavours which they seek[3].

Caroline Hay, PopWorks senior marketing manager, commented: “Gen Z and Millennials continue to look for excitement and innovation[4] within the savoury snacks category, therefore launching our first-ever TV advertising campaign will help highlight how the brand is catering to this demand. Through a wide range of flavours, PopWorks hopes to show shoppers that non-HFSS options can still be packed full of flavour and that they don’t have to compromise on taste when making smarter choices. We’re making a key step towards tapping into current consumer trends for more balanced snacks, and will also aid retailers to maximise sales by drawing in a new demographic.”

The PopWorks range is available nationally in sharing (85g) and single (28g) formats.

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