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The Christmas period means an enormous spike in workload for delivery drivers. In the UK, couriers were expected to deliver more than 150 million parcels in December – twice the amount they usually handle during the year according to the Association for Online Retail.

dolphin6110_01_hiresRetailers struggle to manage this influx of sales during Christmas time while maintaining staff efficiency levels. But through mobile technology, workers can be empowered with real-time information of inventory and stock levels – not just for the holiday season but for 2014 and beyond.

In a retail department or clothing store, the inability to accurately track inventory can result in reduced profits and unnecessarily dissatisfied customers, not to mention the inability to help online operations fulfill orders. Honeywell Scanning and Mobility realised this need and has recently released a mobile computer suited for the job; the Dolphin™ 6110 upgraded mobile handheld computer, which is purpose-designed to help solve these challenges.

The device helps retail workers track inventory, conduct merchandise audits and price look ups, and assist customers. On the outside, the Dolphin 6110 mobile computer looks identical to Honeywell’s popular Dolphin 6100 scanner: it is light, pocket-sized and stylish enough to look good on a retail floor. On the inside, however, the Dolphin 6110 has upgraded technology, including an 800 MHz processor, updated barcode scanning and decoding capabilities, increased memory and a broader WLAN radio frequency range.

With more products filling the shelves of retailers, retailers need to have the correct technology to track stock adequately. Not only can mobile technology allow retailers to effectively manage inventory, it speeds up processes, increases productivity and allows for a more personalised sales experience for customers.

Honeywell’s Dolphin 6110 offers the industry’s best scanning and barcode decoding and doesn’t require extensive training making it an ideal choice for retailers. The Dolphin 6110 includes Honeywell’s Adaptus™ 6.0 imaging technology for efficient reads of 2D barcodes, including poor or damaged barcodes and barcodes found on challenging surfaces like mobile phone screens. The Dolphin 6110 has a full shift battery life, reducing downtime and has a rugged ergonomic design making it durable and easy to use.

Other features and capabilities of the Dolphin 6110 mobile computer include a 2.8 inch VGA touch screen display and 28-key shifted alpha-numeric keypad allowing users to easily read and input data and the ability to integrate with Honeywell’s Remote MasterMind™ device management software, giving IT administrators the ability to manage multiple mobile computers and other devices across multiple sites.

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