twpacks2Award-winning tropical dried fruit specialists Tropical Wholefoods is introducing striking new packaging for its well known ranges of dried fruit and dried mushrooms, together with a delicious new line in unusual snacks for the UK market.

The new snacks are apricot kernels – the nut you find if you crack open the stone inside an apricot. These are being marketed in three flavours: natural, chilli roast and tamari soya roast. (Tamari is a wheat free, traditionally brewed soy sauce).

The kernels are small, almond-shaped and taste like almonds with hints of amaretti. They are rich in mono and polyunsaturated fats and fibre and are widely eaten by the famously long-lived mountain people of northern Pakistan.

Tropical Wholefoods’ range of products includes: organic Fairtrade mango, sun-dried pineapple, chewy banana chips, bogoya bananas, Fairtrade apricots and four types of dried mushrooms – organic chanterelles, shiitake, porcini and oysters,

They are being sold in Tropical Wholefoods’ new look – a black and white lino-cut type design with a splash of colour on each of pack. The new logo is an impression of the sun which reinforces the positive environmental impact of its products which are dried in the villages where they are picked using solar energy. They are also economical on food miles as they are transported by sea in non chilled container ships.

Marketing Director Kate Sebag says: “We felt it was time for a new look. We wanted our packaging to show the spirit of the communities we are working with in Africa and Pakistan.

“The packaging now shows African and Pakistani village life,” adds Kate. “We see gardens being tended, fresh fruit sliced, children learning their lessons and playing sports – games of football for Africa and cricket for Pakistan. We didn’t want to idealise rural life but we did want to convey the beauty and positive spirit of the communities we work with.

“The sporting images are intended to suggest the energy that eating dried fruits gives you – as well as the health of the communities which Tropical Wholefoods trades with. These are products which really do ‘keep you going’. We also see images of people enjoying fruity refreshments which we hope will give people a taste for snacking on the products and also cooking with them.”

Tropical Wholefoods’ new neater packs also use less film than before and take up less shelf and storage space in shops and warehouses so reducing transport costs.

The apricot kernels are great as a snack or scattered on salads. They are also lovely to cook with. Ground up they make wonderful ingredients for cakes and biscuits, and are traditionally used in the Italian amaretti biscuits. The kernels come in 50g packs and sell for a suggested retail price of 99p. The kernels carry the FAIRTRADE Mark. This means farmers receive extra income from their fruit and can invest more in their villages, schools and land.

Tropical Wholefoods supplies Tesco, Sainsbury, Morrisons, Oxfam, Boots and smaller health food stores nationwide. It has a significant niche in the independent sector with products well known for their healthy and ethical qualities. It works with business partners in Uganda, Pakistan and Burkina Faso.

Tropical Wholefoods
Tel: 0845 258 2781

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